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Julian 357

Arch of Constantine 361

Alexandria 365

Goths 367

Convent on the Hills 372

Julian Alps 375

Roman Hall of Justice 377

Colonnades of St. Peter at Rome 385

Alaric’s Burial 391

Roman Clock 396

Spanish Coast 398

Vandals plundering 401

Pyramids and Sphynx, Egypt 403

Hunnish Camp 405

St. Mark’s, Venice 409

The Pope’s House 413

Romulus Augustus resigns the Crown 419

Illustration 423

Naples 427

Constantinople 429

Pope Gregory the Great 435

The Pope’s Pulpit 437

Battle of Tours 441





I am going to tell you next about the most famous nation in the world.  Going westward from Greece another peninsula stretches down into the Mediterranean.  The Apennine Mountains run like a limb stretching out of the Alps to the south eastward, and on them seems formed that land, shaped somewhat like a leg, which is called Italy.

Round the streams that flowed down from these hills, valleys of fertile soil formed themselves, and a great many different tribes and people took up their abode there, before there was any history to explain their coming.  Putting together what can be proved about them, it is plain, however, that most of them came of that old stock from which the Greeks descended, and to which we belong ourselves, and they spoke a language which had the same root as ours and as the Greek.  From one of these nations the best known form of this, as it was polished in later times, was called Latin, from the tribe who spoke it.

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