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Chariot Races 98

Arrow Machine 102

Siege Machine 105

Ruins of the Forum at Rome 111

Entry of the Forum Romanum by the Via Sacra 117

Costumes 120

Costume 121

Curtius leaping into the Gulf 125

The Apennines 129

Combat between a Mirmillo and a Samnite 137

Combat between a light armed Gladiator and a Samnite 137

Ancient Rome 141

Pyrrhus 145

Roman Orator 147

Roman Ship 153

Roman Order of Battle 159

The wounded Gaul 165

Hannibal’s Vow 168

In the Pyrenees 170

Meeting of Hannibal and Scipio at Zama 173

Archimedes 178

Hannibal 184

Corinth 190

Cornelia and her Sons 196

Roman Centurion 201

Marius 205

One of the Trophies, called of Marius,
at the Capitol at Rome 207

The Catapult 215

Island on the Coast 217

Palazzo Vecchio, Florence 223

Cornelius Sulla 225

Coast of Tyre 231

Mountains of Armenia 235

Cicero 238

Colossal Statue of Pompeius of the
Palazzo Spada of Rome 239

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