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“Dieu merci!” said Uncle George, as the long white figure slipped from our hands and plunged down through the black waters.  Then he clapped on his cap and turned the helm, and the lugger went bounding back quicker than she had come, for she and we were lightened of our loads.

We ran back round Brecqhou into Havre Gosselin, and climbed the ladders and went to our homes.

Uncle George and my mother were married just a month after our little Phil was born, and I learned again, from the look on my mother’s face, that a woman’s age is counted not by years but by that which the years have brought her.

They have been very happy.  There is only one happier household on the Island, and that is ours at Beaumanoir, for it is full of the sound of children’s voices, and the patter of little feet.



No.  Name of House.  Tenant.

1.  Le Fort              Thomas Hamon.
2.  Le Grand Fort        Jean Le Feuvre.
3.  La Tour              Amice Le Couteur (Senechal).
4.  La Genetiere         Philippe Guille.
5.  La Rade              Thomas Mauger.
6.  La Ville Roussel     Pierre Le Feuvre.
7.  La Ville Roussel     Abraham De Carteret.
8.  La Ville Roussel     Jean Vaudin.
9.  La Ville Roussel     Philippe Guille.
10.  La Ville Roussel     Jean Drillot.
11.  Le Carrefour         Elie Guille.
12.  La Valette de Bas    Elie Guille.
13.  La Valette           Robert De Carteret.
14.  Vaux de Creux        Pierre Le Pelley (Seigneur).
15.  La Friponnerie       Martin Le Masurier.
16.  La Colinette         Jean Falle.
17.  Le Manoir            Pierre Le Pelley (Seigneur).
18.  La Vauroque          Thomas De Carteret.
19.  La Forge             Thomas De Carteret.
20.  La Pomme du Chien    Pierre Le Pelley (Seigneur).
21.  Dixcart              Thomas Godfray.
22.  Grand Dixcart        Henri Le Masurier.
23.  Petit Dixcart        Eliza Poidestre.
24.  La Jaspellerie       William Le Masurier.
25.  Clos Bourel          Abraham Guille.


26.  La Sablonnerie       Philippe Guille.
27.  La Moussie           Nicholas Mollet.
28.  La Friponnerie       Philippe Baker.



29.  Du Vallerie          Jean Hamon.
30.  La Pipetterie        Helier Baker.


31.  Dos d’Ane            Abraham Guille.
32.  Beauregard           Philippe Slowley.
33.  Beauregard           Pierre Le Masurier.
34.  Le Vieux Port        Philippe Tanquerel.
35.  Le Port              Edouard Vaudin.
36.  La Moignerie         Jean Le Feuvre.
37.  La Rondelrie         Thomas Mauger.
38.  La Moinerie          Abraham Baker.
39.  L’Ecluse             William De Carteret.
40.  La Seigneurie        Pierre Le Pelley.

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