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      I. Spring Bank 5

     II.  What Rover Found 15

    III.  Hugh’s Soliloquy 26

     IV.  Terrace Hill 29

      V. Anna and John 37

     VI.  Alice Johnson 42

    VII.  Riverside Cottage 50

   VIII.  Mr. Liston and the Doctor 57

     IX.  Matters in Kentucky 60

      X. Lina’s Purchase and Hugh’s 71

     XI.  Sam and Adah 77

    XII.  What Followed 81

   XIII.  How Hugh Paid His Debts 84

    XIV.  Mrs. Johnson’s Letter 88

     XV.  Saratoga 96

    XVI.  The Columbian 101

   XVII.  Hugh 108

  XVIII.  Meeting of Alice and Hugh 111

    XIX.  Alice and Muggins 116

     XX.  Poor Hugh 118

    XXI.  Alice and Adah 126

   XXII.  Waking to Consciousness 133

  XXIII.  Lina’s Letter. 138

   XXIV.  Foreshadowings 145

    XXV.  Talking with Hugh 149

   XXVI.  The Day of the Sale 153

  XXVII.  The Sale 161

 XXVIII.  The Ride 165

   XXIX.  Hugh and Alice 169

    XXX.  Adah’s Journey 177

   XXXI.  The Convict 184

  XXXII.  Adah at Terrace Hill 189

 XXXIII.  Anna and Adah 196

  XXXIV.  Rose Markham 204

   XXXV.  The Result 212

  XXXVI.  Excitement 223

 XXXVII.  Matters at Spring Bank 227

XXXVIII.  The Day of the Wedding 232

  XXXIX.  The Convict’s Story 238

     XL.  Poor ’Lina 248

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