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 Fitzwilliam, Lady
 Fitzwilliam, second Earl
 Fletcher, Mr.
 Flood, Henry
 Floyd, Lady Mary
 Floyd, Miss
 Foley, Thomas, second Baron
 Foster, Lady
 Fort St. John
 Fox, Charles James, “Charles,”; chief of group; great qualities;
     coalition with Lord North; friendship with Carlisle; gambling
     debts; leader of Whig party; fortune destroyed; Selwyn advises
     concerning debts; goes to Bath; suggested sueing of, by
     Carlisle; money troubles, Selwyn’s opinion of; women’s opinion
     of; frequent story of debts; friendship for Richard
     Fitzpatrick; loses money at Newmarket; on the American
     Question; in “The Diaboliad;” Selwyn and; speech on economy;
     holds Pharo bank; Fitzpatrick with; Jews seize effects; his
     furniture sold; enchanted with Pitt’s speech; motion concerning
     American war; auction at his house; gaming; and Selwyn; has a
     cockpit; flattery of; speech; first figure in all places; loses
     heavily at races; agreeableness of; Selwyn’s admiration of his
     talents; arrogance of; the new administration; as Secretary for
     Foreign Affairs; takes a house in Pall Mall; coalition with
     North; Selwyn, relations with
 Fox, Henry Edward, youngest son of first Lord Holland

 Fox, Henry Richard Vassall, third Baron Holland
 Fox, Stephen, second Baron Holland, “Ste”
 Franklin, Benjamin
 Fraser, Mr.
 Frederick the Great
 French Revolution


Gainsborough; picture of Mie Mie by
 Galloway, Earl of
 Garlies, Lord, see Galloway
 Garrick, David
 Garrick, Mrs.
 Gemm, Dr. 
 “George,” see Howard, George, Lord Morpeth
 George iii
 Germaine, Lord George Sackville
 Gibbon (historian)
 Gideon, Sir Sampson
 Gilbert, Mr. Thomas
 Glenbervie, Lord, Sylvester Douglas
 Glendower, Lord
 Gloucester, Duchess of
 Gloucester, Duke of
 Gloucester, monastery of St. Peter at; situation of; city of,
     Selwyn member for; election at
 Godolphin, Lord
 Goostree’s (Club)
 Gore, Mr.
 Gordon, fourth Duke of
 Gordon, Duchess of
 Gordon, Lord George
 Gordon, Lord William
 Gower, Lady
 Gower, Lady Evelyn Leveson
 Gower, Lady Louisa Leveson (sister-in-law of fifth Earl of
 Gower, second Earl
 Grady Mr.
 Grafton, Duke of
 Graham, Dr.
 Graham, Lady
 Grant, General
 Grantham, Lord
 Gray, Thomas, the poet
 Greenville, Mr. (Grenville)
Greenwich’s, The
 Gregg, Francis, succeeded Delme as M.P. for Morpeth
 Grenville, Mr. George
 Grenville, G., Lady
 Grey, Lord
 Grieve, Mr.
 Grosvenor Place
 Guildford, Earl of, see North
 Guise, Mr.
 Gunning, Elizabeth (afterwards Duchess of Hamilton)
 Gunning, Elizabeth

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