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 Clive, Lord
 Club, Young
 Comb Compton, Lady
 Compton, Lord
 Comyns, picture cleaner
 Congreve, Mr.
 Conolly, Lady Louisa
 Conti, Princesse de
 Conway, General
 Cooper, Sir Grey
 Cornwallis, Lady
 Cornwallis, Lord
 “Corydon,” Lord
 “Corydon,” Captain
 Coventry, Earl of
 Coventry, Lady
 Cowper, Lady
 Cowper, Lord
 Craddock, Mr.
 Craigs, General
 Craven, Lord
 Crawford, James, “the Fish,”
 Crawford, Mrs.
 Crewe, Mr.
 Crewe, Mrs.
 Crewe, Mrs. ("Old”)
 Croome (Crome)
 Cumberland, Duke of
 Cunningham, Colonel


Damer, Mrs.
 Darell, Mr., of Cambridgeshire
 Darrels, The, at Richmond
 Dashwood, Sir Francis
 Deerhurst, Lord
 D’Elci, Comte
 Delme, Peter ("the Czar”)
 Denbigh, Lord
 D’Eon (the Chevalier)
 Derby, Earl of
 Derby, Lady
 Dering, Sir E.
 Devonshire, Duchess of
 Devonshire, fifth Duke of
 Devonshire House
 “Diaboliad, The,” igby, Dean of Clonfert igby, Lord igby, Miss
 Digby, Mr.
 Dlettanti, Society of
 DOyley (Doiley), Mr.
 Dorset, Duke of
 Dolben, Sir J.
 Douglas, Jack
 Draper, Sir W.
 Du Deffand, Mme.
 Du Deffand, Marquis
 Dundas, Sir William
 Dunning, John, first Baron Ashburton
 Dunmore, Lady


Eardley, Sir S.
 Eden, William, first Lord Auckland
 Eden, Mrs.
 Edgcumbe, Dick; one of Strawberry Hill Group
 Egremont, Lord
 Ekins, Dr. Jeffrey (tutor to Lord Carlisle, afterwards Dean of
 Elliot, Mrs.
 Elliot, Sir Gilbert
 Ellis, Mr.
 Ellis, Welbore
 Ellishere, Mrs.
 Emigres, the
 Emly, Edward (Dean of Derry) “Emily,” “the little Parson”
 Emperor of Germany, see Joseph ii
 Ernham, Lord
 Essex, Lady
 Essex, Earl of
 Eton, Selwyn at; Carlisle at; Crawford at; Carlisle’s verses on
     friends at; Fitzpatrick at; Walpole at; Storer at; Fitzwilliam
     at; Montem at; Lord Morpeth at
 Euston, Lord
 Eyre, Mr.
 Executions, Selwyn and


Fagniani, M.
 Fagniani, Marchesa, mother of Mie Mie
 Fagniani, Maria (and see Mie Mie)
 Falkener, Sir Everard
 Family compact
 Fanshaw, Mr.

 Farrington, Gen., of Kent
 Faukener, Lady
 Faukener, Mr.
 Ferguson, Sir Adam
 Ferrers, Washington, fifth Earl; Robert, sixth Earl
 Fish, the, see Crawford
 Fitzherbert, Mrs.
 Fitzpatrick, Richard ("Richard, the Beau Richard"); at Quinze;
     friendship with Fox; losses at Newmarket; returns from Jamaica;
     in “The Diaboliad;” wins money at Brooks’s; Pharo bank; in his
     Pharo pulpit; horses taken from his coach; holds a gambling
     bank; Fox as security for; the Beau Richard; at Brooks’s; loses
     at Hazard; at White’s; with the King; elated at change of
     ministry; provokes Selwyn
 Fitzroy, Lady Caroline

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