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 Brooke, Earl of
 Brooks, Mr.
 Brooks’s Club, politics and gambling at; fortunes lost at;
     card-room at; macaronis at; Fox and Fitzpatrick at; gossip at;
     Selwyn at; American question discussed at; supper at;
     ill attended; political discussion at; in opposition to;
     Fox closeted every instant at; a place of amusement,
     speculation, and curiosity; Whigs at, in 1781; Fox gives
     audiences at
 Brudenell, Lord
 Buccleugh, Duchess of
 Buccleugh, third Duke of

 Buckingham, Lady
 Buckingham, Lord
 Buckingham House Junto
 Buckinghamshire, third Earl of
 Buffon, Mme
 “Bully,” see Bolingbroke
 Bunbury, Lady Sarah; charm of; sought after by the king; social
     successes in Paris; Carlisle’s youthful passion fon; at Lord
 Bunbury, Sir Charles
 Bunker’s Hill, Battle of
 Burgoyne, General
 Burke, Edmund; bad judgment of in Parliament
 Burrows, Mr.
 Bute, Lady
 Byron, Lord
 Byron, Lord (the poet)
 Byron (Biron), Admiral, The Hon. John


Cadogan, Lady
 Calas, Jean
 Calonne, M. de
 Cambis, Mme. De
 Cambridge University; Walpole at
 Camelford, Lord
 Campbell, Mr. (first Baron Cawdor)
 Camden, Earl
 Carlisle, third Earl of
 Carlisle, fourth Earl of
 Carlisle, fifth Earl of, Frederick Howard; in America, letters from
Hare and Selwyn; Selwyn’s letters to, commence; sketch of life;’
     Order of Thistle; delay of Ribband and Badge; fears for health
     at Turin; friendship for Fox; Fox and Carlisle at Eton; anxiety
     regarding Fox’s prodigality; Viceroy of Ireland; Storer to;
     ill; Peace Commissioner to America; recalled from Ireland;
     children of; high ideals; thankfulness for Selwyn’s friendship. 
 Carlisle, sixth Earl of, see Howard, George, Viscount Morpeth
 Carlisle, Isabella, Countess Dowager of
 Carlisle, Lady Caroline Gower, (wife of the fifth Earl)
 Carmarthen, Lord
 Carpenter, Lady Almeria
 Carteret, Harry
 Carysfort, Lord
 Castle Howard
 Castle Inn, Richmond
 Catherine, Empress of Russia
 Cavendish, Lord Frederick
 Cavendish, Lord George
 Cavendish, Lord John
 Cawdor, first Lord, see Campbell
 Chamberlain, Lord
 “Charles,” see Fox
 Charlotte, Queen, wife of George iii
 Chartres, Duc de
 Chatelet, Duc de
 Chatham, first Earl of
 Chatham, second Earl of
 Cholmondeley, Lord
 Chedworth, Lord
 Choiseul, Duc de
 Choiseul, Duchesse de
 Choiseul, Mons. De
 Choiseul, Mme. De
 Chudleigh, Elizabeth, see Kingston, Duchess of
 Churchill, Lord
 Clarence, Duke of
 Clarendon, Lord
 Clavering, Mr.
 Clerk of the Irons
 Clermont, Lady
 Clermont, Lord
 Cleveland, Duchess of
 Clinton, Sir Henry

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