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Abergavenny, Lord
 Abingdon, Lord
 Adams, John
 Ailesbury, Lady
 Albemarle, Lady
 Almack’s Assembly Rooms, King Street, St. James’; masquerade
     at; masquerade stopped by bishops; extinct. 
 Almack’s Club, Pall Mall; events at; thriving; Selwyn and Fox at
      supper at; Selwyn’s “bureau;” Selwyn avoids; house occupied
 Alston, Tommy
 Althorp, Lord
 Amelia, Princess
 America—­Lord Carlisle, peace commissioner to; Gower, Lord, on
      independence of; Fitzpatrick in; colonies, bad news from; question of; Storer, with Carlisle in; news from; colonies in; His
 Majesty’s subjects in; Prohibitory Bill; Selwyn on the war in; letter-writing between England and; Selwyn regarding politics in; want of interest in society concerning; Fox’s motion to conclude peace with; public interest in; motion as to; President of
 Amhurst, Lord
 Andre, Major
 Androche, Marshal
 Argyle, fifth Duke of
 Arnold, Benedict
 Ascough, Mr.
 Ashburnham, second Earl of
 Ashburton, Lord, see Dunning
 Ashton, Thomas
  Ashton, Mr.
 Assembly of Notables, National
 Astley, Mr.
 Aston, Sir W.
 Auckland, First Lord, see Eden
 Aylesford (Ailsford) Lord; Lord of the Bedchamber


Baker, Dr.
 Balbi, Comtesse de
 Balliol College
 Baltimore, Lord
 Bampton Lectures (Dr. White’s)
 “Baptist,” the, see Henry St. John
 Barbot’s Lottery
 Barker, Mr.
 Barrington, Lord
 Barry, Mme. Du “Anecdotes of”
 Barry, Richard, sixth Earl of Barrymore,
Barry, Richard, seventh Earl of Barrymore
 Barry, Mr.
 Barrymore, Lady
 Barrymore, Lord, see Barry
 Barth, Mrs.
 Beauchamp, Lord
 Beauclerk, Topham; married to Lady Bolingbroke
 Beaufort, Duke of
 Beckford, Alderman
 Beckford, William, son of Alderman Beckford, author and collector
 Bedford, fourth Duke of
 Bedford, fifth Duke of
 Bedford, Duchess of
 Bedford faction
 Bedford House; parties at
 Berkeley, Lord
 Berry, Agnes
 Berry, Mary
 Bertie, Lord
 Besbborough, Lord
 “Betty, Lady,” see Howard, Lady Elizabeth
 Biron, Duchesse de
 Biron, Admiral, see Byron
 Biron, Mrs.
 Biron, Duc de
 Blake, Miss
 Blake, Mr.
 Blake, Mrs.
 Blandford, Lord
 Blaquiere, Sir John
 Bloomsbury Gang
 Bohn, Comte de
 Boisgelin, Comte de
 Bolingbroke, Lady
 Bolingbroke, Lord “Bully,”
 Boon, Charles
 Boothby, Mrs.
 Boothby, Sir Brooke
 Boston, Lady
 Boston, Frederick, second Baron
 Bouverie, Mr.
 Bouverie, Mrs.
 Boufflers, Comtesse de; Queen of the emigres; at Richmond
 Boufflers, Emilie, Comtesse de; at Richmond
 Brereton, Col. 
 Bristol, Earl of
 Brodrick (Broderick), Colonel Henry

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