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of protection, and Mary, impelled by some fateful impulse, resolved to throw herself on the mercy of her kinswoman.[79] On the 16th day of May, her little boat crossed the Solway.  When the Queen of Scots, the daughter of the House of Guise, the widow of a monarch of the line of Valois, set foot on English soil as a suppliant for the protection which came to her only by death, the last faint hope must have faded out of the hearts of the few who still longed for an independent Scotland, bound by gratitude and by ancient tradition to the ally who, more than once, had proved its salvation.


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[Footnote 62:  The spelling “Stuart”, which Queen Mary brought with her from France, now superseded the older “Stewart".]

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[Footnote 76:  It is almost certain that Darnley was murdered before the explosion.]

[Footnote 77:  Mary’s defenders point out that her 25th birthday fell in November, 1567, and that it was necessary to prevent her from taking any steps for the restitution of Church land; and they look on the plot as devised by Bothwell and the other nobles, the latter aiming at using Bothwell as a tool to ruin Mary.  On the question of the Casket Letters, see Mr. Lang’s Mystery of Mary Stuart.]

[Footnote 78:  Keith’s History, ii, pp. 736-739.]

[Footnote 79:  In forming any moral judgment with regard to Elizabeth’s conduct towards Mary, it must be remembered that Mary fled to England trusting to the English Queen’s invitation.]




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