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Highland religion.  In the Lowlands of the twelfth century, the whole influence of the Church was directed to the extermination of the Culdee religion, associated with the Celtic language and with Celtic civilization.  Above all, the difference lies in the rise of burghs in the Lowlands.  Speech follows trade.  Every small town on the east coast was a school of English language.  Should commerce ever reach the Highlands, should the abomination of desolation overtake the waterfalls and the valleys, and other temples of nature share the degradation of the Falls of Foyers, we may then look for the disappearance of the Gaelic tongue.

Be all this as it may, it is undeniable that there has been in the Highlands, since 1745, a change of civilization without a displacement of race.  We venture to think that there is some ground for the view that a similar change of civilization occurred in the Lowlands between 1066 and 1286, and, similarly, without a racial dispossession.  We do not deny that there was some infusion of Anglo-Saxon blood between the Forth and the Moray Firth in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries; but there is no evidence that it was a repopulation.


[Footnote 94:  In this discussion the province of Lothian is not included.]

[Footnote 95:  Ri Mortuath is an Irish term.  We find, more usually, in Scotland, the Mormaer.]

[Footnote 96:  Op. cit., vol. i, p. 254.]

[Footnote 97:  History of Scotland, vol. i, pp. 135-6.]

[Footnote 98:  Celtic Scotland, vol. iii, pp. 303, 309.]

[Footnote 99:  Celtic Scotland, vol. iii, p. 368.]

[Footnote 100:  It should of course be recollected that the Gaelic tongue must have persisted in the vernacular speech of the Lowlands long after we lose all traces of it as a literary language.]



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Duncan I
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