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“When I went down there I found him talking with his son, so I smoked a cigar and waited behind a tree until he should be alone.  But as I listened to his talk all that was black and bitter in me seemed to come uppermost.  He was urging his son to marry my daughter with as little regard for what she might think as if she were a slut from off the streets.  It drove me mad to think that I and all that I held most dear should be in the power of such a man as this.  Could I not snap the bond?  I was already a dying and a desperate man.  Though clear of mind and fairly strong of limb, I knew that my own fate was sealed.  But my memory and my girl!  Both could be saved if I could but silence that foul tongue.  I did it, Mr. Holmes.  I would do it again.  Deeply as I have sinned, I have led a life of martyrdom to atone for it.  But that my girl should be entangled in the same meshes which held me was more than I could suffer.  I struck him down with no more compunction than if he had been some foul and venomous beast.  His cry brought back his son; but I had gained the cover of the wood, though I was forced to go back to fetch the cloak which I had dropped in my flight.  That is the true story, gentlemen, of all that occurred.”

“Well, it is not for me to judge you,” said Holmes as the old man signed the statement which had been drawn out.  “I pray that we may never be exposed to such a temptation.”

“I pray not, sir.  And what do you intend to do?”

“In view of your health, nothing.  You are yourself aware that you will soon have to answer for your deed at a higher court than the Assizes.  I will keep your confession, and if McCarthy is condemned I shall be forced to use it.  If not, it shall never be seen by mortal eye; and your secret, whether you be alive or dead, shall be safe with us.”

“Farewell, then,” said the old man solemnly.  “Your own deathbeds, when they come, will be the easier for the thought of the peace which you have given to mine.”  Tottering and shaking in all his giant frame, he stumbled slowly from the room.

“God help us!” said Holmes after a long silence.  “Why does fate play such tricks with poor, helpless worms?  I never hear of such a case as this that I do not think of Baxter’s words, and say, ‘There, but for the grace of God, goes Sherlock Holmes.’”

James McCarthy was acquitted at the Assizes on the strength of a number of objections which had been drawn out by Holmes and submitted to the defending counsel.  Old Turner lived for seven months after our interview, but he is now dead; and there is every prospect that the son and daughter may come to live happily together in ignorance of the black cloud which rests upon their past.


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