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2nd:  6 ch., turn, s.c. on centre of 5 ch., X 5 ch., s.c. on centre of next loop of 5, X to the end.

Repeat this row backwards and forwards until 24 are done; then work the same pattern all round for 6 rounds.  Thread the rest of the gold beads on the scarlet silk, and do 2 rounds in the same way with it; then 3 rounds of white; then 2 more scarlet, 3 white, then 2 scarlet.

To diminish at the end, do 2 rounds of white, like the previous; then 1 with only 4 chain; then 1 with 3 chain; and finally, a round with 2 chain between the s.c.

Draw it up with a needle and white silk; sew on the tassel, and slip on the rings.

At the other end, do a row to close the round, with the plain scarlet in s.c.; on which work X 6 ch., miss 4, s.c. under 5th, X 10 times.  Turn, and in each loop work 2 s.c., 4 d.c., 2 s.c.

Fasten off, and sew on the deep fringe garniture.

* * * * *


MATERIALS.—­Purse silk, of any two colours that contrast well, gold beads, and glass ones of one of the colours.  Of the silk that matches the beads, two skeins will be required, and of the other, four.  For the garniture, a clasp and handsome fringe.

Begin by threading a hank of gold beads on two of the four skeins, leaving two without any.

With regard to the colours to be selected for this purse, we may be allowed to suggest a few good contrasts, leaving the choice to the taste of the worker.  A brilliant scarlet looks well with white; brown with blue; lilac with green, or vice versa; and pink with some of the warmer tints of stone or fawn colour.  In all these, the first-named colour is to be the predominant one, except in the case of green and lilac, in which either colour may be the principal one.  The immense variety of tints in German beads (nearly three hundred), gives such a power of choice, that the most artistic taste may be gratified.

For the sake of accuracy in the description, we will select scarlet and white for this purse.  The white beads are to be threaded on the white silk, and dropped on every stitch where white is named.

With a fine crochet-hook make a chain of 120 stitches with the scarlet silk, close it into a round, and do one round of single crochet.

2nd row:  X 1 gold bead, 18 silk, 1 gold, 18 silk, 2 gold, X 3 times.

3rd:  X 1 silk, 1 gold, 16 silk, 3 gold, 16 silk, 1 gold, 2 silk, X 3 times.

4th:  X 1 silk, 4 gold, 11 silk, 2 gold, 1 silk, 1 gold, 1 silk, 2 gold, 11 silk, 4 gold, 2 silk, X 3 times.

5th:  X 1 silk, 1 gold, 3 silk, 1 gold, 10 silk, 7 gold, 10 silk, 1 gold, 3 silk, 1 gold, 1 silk, 1 gold, X. This, and every future pattern must, like the preceding ones, be repeated three times.  Now join on the white silk, and whenever white occurs, drop on a white bead.

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