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Leaf:  14 ch., miss 2, 9 d.c. on the next 9, 2 s.c., 1 slip, 24 ch., miss 3, 2 d.c. in next, 2 d.c. in next, 9 d.c. in the next 9, 2 s.c. in the next 2, slip in the next, which leaves 7 for the stem.  Slip stitch on the 2 s.c., and 7 of the d.c., taking great care not to contract the leaf, 10 ch., miss 4 d.c. in the fifth, X 2 ch., miss 2, t.c. in 3rd, X twice, 2 ch., miss 2, d.c. in 3rd, 2 ch., miss 2, s.c. on 3rd, 1 ch., miss 1, slip at the base of the flower.  Do 9 slip stitches up the last row, the open hem of which forms the centre of the flower; then 11 ch., miss 3, 2 contracted d.c. stitches on the next 4, d.c. down all but the last 3, 2 s.c., 1 slip.  The flower thus formed consists of an open hem for the centre petal, and a closer petal on each side.  Work entirely round the flowers in s.c.

S.c. on the seven chains of the stem, before you get to the leaf, opposite which make another, exactly like it.  S.c. to the end of the stem, and fasten off.

* * * * *


Materials.—­If a fire-veil is required, use a flat thin bone or boxwood mesh, nearly half an inch in width; but if for a table-cover, etc., use a flat mesh scarcely three-eighths of an inch wide. 3 reels of Brooks’ Great Exhibition Prize Goat’s-head Crochet Cotton, No. 10, of a good drab, or dark claret colour, the latter is preferable; 1 ounce of maize colour spangled wool; 1 ounce of green ditto, and 1 ounce of violet ditto.  No. 13 Netting Needles.

[Footnote:  This spangled wool is a new article, extremely brilliant, and may be obtained, by inquiry, at any Berlin Shop, at 1s. 6d. or 2s. per ounce, and weighing much the same as any other Berlin wool.]

Begin on a foundation of 85 diamonds, and net with the cotton until the piece is 68 diamonds long; if for a fire-veil, darn, as in ordinary darned netting, the centre with maize wool, and the border with green, darn the outer row of diamonds with violet, and also the pattern inside the border; but if for any other purpose, use any colour of the spangled wool that may harmonise or contrast well with the draperies of the room; but, as a general rule, the netted ground should be dark.  For the fringe, cut some shaded 4-thread Berlin wool of the same colour as the spangled—­in the pattern given it is violet—­into lengths of 10 inches, tie this in tufts of 9 threads into every other diamond; or, if preferred, 6 lengths in every diamond.  Draw the wool through the loop, placing the wool exactly in the centre, double the two ends evenly, and tie in a tight knot; then, with a rug needle, draw in two or three lengths of spangled wool, so as to lie on the surface of every tuft; but, if preferred, all spangled wool may be used, but then the work would be rendered very costly, whereas, with the present directions, the work is sufficiently elegant, brilliant, and exceedingly new.  Darn the centre first and the border last.  Count 37 clear diamonds from the left-hand side of the work, and 19th diamond from the bottom.  In the 39th diamond from the left-hand side and 20th from the bottom, darn the 2 first diamonds for the stem of a flower, then work from engraving.

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