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For the decreasing rows begin with 1 slip, 1 s.c., 1 short double crochet, 1 d.c.—­this last coming on the first stitch in the second square of last row, keeps the squares evenly over each other.  At the other end of the row reverse the process, by doing 1 d.c., 1 short d.c., 1 s.c., 1 slip, which completes it.

The short double-crochet stitch, being new to our readers, may be briefly described.  It is, as its name implies, a medium stitch between a s.c. and a d.c. stitch.  Begin as for a d.c. stitch, with the thread round the hook, but after the latter is inserted in the stitch, and the thread drawn through, so that there are three loops on the needle, the thread must be drawn through all three at once.

Short treble crochet (contracted to s.t.c.), is done in a similar manner.  The thread being passed twice round the needle, there are four loops on the latter, after the one is drawn through the stitch of the preceding row.  The thread is now drawn through three loops together, and afterwards through two.

When the bread cloth is worked, do open square crochet all round it, taking the d.c. stitches sufficiently close at the corners to lie smoothly.  Knot a fringe 2-1/2 inches deep in every square.  It is to be made of the coarse cotton.

To increase the size of this d’oyley, for a tray, or other article, use coarser cotton and hook.

* * * * *


MATERIALS.—­Brooks’ Great Exhibition Prize Goat’s-head Crochet Cotton, Nos. 14, 16, 18, 20.  Walker’s Penelope Hook, No. 3.

a.  With cotton No. 18 make 10 chain, 1 s.c., in 1st chain; then in round loop 3 d.c., ** 9 chain, miss 3, 1 s.c. in 4th; then in round loop. * 1 s.c. 7 chain, * repeat twice more; 1 chain to cross and in 1st 7 chain,** [.1.] 1 d.c., 9 long, 1 d.c., repeat in the other two 7 chains; 1 s.c. in the 1 chain that crosses the stem:  [.2.] 5 chain; 3 d.c. in the centre round loop.

Repeat from ** to ** 1 d.c., 5 long, join to 5th long in 3rd section, 4 long, 1 d.c. in same 7 chain; in the next two 7 chains:  1 d.c., 9 long, 1 d.c., 1 s.c. in the chain that crosses the stem [.2.] Repeat from [.2.] to [.2.] 5 chain, 3 d.c. in the centre round loop.

Repeat again from ** to ** 1 d.c., 5 long, join, 4 long, 1 d.c., in next 7 chain, 1 d.c., 9 long, 1 d.c., in next 7 chain, 1 d.c., 1 s.c. on the chain that crosses, 5 chain, 1 s.c. on 1st d.c. in centre, fasten off.

Make 11 more a’s like the 1st, only joining, as in the engraving:—­“thus, 1 d.c., 5 long, join, 4 long, 1 d.c.”

b.  With cotton No. 20. 15 chain, 1 s.c., in 1st stitch and in round loop. * 4 d.c., 10 chain, join where the two a’s join, turn, 10 s.c. down the 10 chain; 4 d.c., 10 chain, join where the two 9 long of a are joined together; 10 s.c. down the 10 chain; repeat from * 3 times more; * 1 s.c., 5 chain, miss 2, * repeat all round; fasten off.  Make 5 more, placing them as in the engraving.

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