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1st row.—­Darkest Pink:  Make 41 ch., turn back, 1 l. into 9th loop from hook, * 3 ch., 1 l. into 4th loop, repeat from * 7 times more, in all 9 spaces.

2nd:  Turn on reverse side, 3 l. under the 3 ch., 1 ch., repeat at the point, work 9 l., 2 ch., 6 more l. under same space, then 1 ch., 3 l. under the 3 ch., repeat; at the end cut off the wool.

3rd:  With next shade commence on same side as 1st row, 1 l. between each long, but after every 3rd l., make 1 ch. at the point, and between each of the 6 l., make 1 l., 1 ch., then under the 2 ch., make 1 l., 3 ch., 1 more l. under same, then work the same as the half just completed.

4th.—­Next Shade:  With same colour, inclose some white wire drawn from ribbon wire, thus—­between each l. stitch, and under each 1 ch., work 1 d.c. stitch with the wire between, first bending the end of the wire to prevent it slipping, but over the point work 2 d.c. under each 1 ch., and under the 3 ch., work 3 d.c.; now work the remaining half, and d.c. along the bottom, still enclosing the wire to the side where this row was commenced, twist the 2 ends of the wire together, after pulling it into shape.

5th:  Great care must be taken in working this row not to bend the work; next shade, 1 l. on 1st d.c. stitch at the side, 3 ch., * 1 l. into successive loops for 4 times, 3 ch., repeat from *, be careful that a 3 ch. comes at the point; this row will end as it was begun; then crochet along the bottom.

6th.—­Next Shade:  2 l. under the 1st 3 ch., 3 ch., 2 more l. under same; repeat this 6 times more, then repeat the same over the point, but for 5 times make 5 ch. instead of 3.  Now sew these pink points up at the side, joining them for 6 times by the chain of 3, slipping the wool on from chain to chain; now pin each green point on to the part of the pink which is sewed together, stretching each green point as high as possible; then sew these green points at about the second shade of green, on to the pink, as in engraving.

[Illustration:  BREAD CLOTH.]

MATERIALS.—­Three reels of Brooks’ No. 24, and two of No. 16, Great Exhibition Prize Goat’s-head Crochet Cotton.  A hook suitable for the fine number.

The octagon shape is one extremely well adapted for bread baskets, as well as for papier-mache trays of the usual forms; but it requires a little nicety to produce even edges at the sloping sides.  The way it is done is this.  The whole pattern, it will be perceived, is done in square crochet, and in the increasing sides a close square is added at each end.  This is done by making one chain extra at the beginning and end of the first row of d.c. 2nd row:  1 ch., 2 d.c. on the chain, and 2 on the first d.c. at the commencement, thus increasing three stitches, besides the one chain which is merely a foundation for the next increase; then at the other extremity of the row, 2 d.c. on the last stitch, 2 d.c. on the chain, and make one chain.  Do this for every row which is increased, working in all the ends.

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