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A handsome fringe may be knotted on the end, and it may be lined with calico to correspond with the furniture of the room.

* * * * *


MATERIALS.—­Brooks’ Great Exhibition Prize Goat’s-head Netting Cotton, No. 24:  Embroidering Goat’s-head Cotton, No. 30; a middle-sized Netting Needle; Steel Mesh, No. 9; and a long Embroidering Needle.

If worked with the above cotton and mesh four squares will measure one inch, which will be a guide for the number of foundation stitches to make in the beginning for the curtain.  The pattern must afterwards be darned in embroidering cotton, No. 30, according to the engraving, by passing the needle under and over the threads of the meshes very regularly and even, always keeping the same number of threads in every square, and all must run the same way and be drawn to one degree of tightness, for all the beauty of the work depends upon its evenness and regularity.  This pattern may be extended to any size, and would look very well if the flowers were sewn in pale pink ingrain cotton, and the fretwork in white cotton.


* * * * *


MATERIALS.—­4 shades of Green Wool, the lightest almost a pale Lemon, 1 skein only of this, and 3 each of the darkest; 5 shades of Pink, 2 skeins of each, all 4-thread Berlin Wool; 3 yards of ordinary sized skirt cord, the size of blind cord.

D.c. 14 stitches over the end of the cord with the darkest green, unite; now work 2 d.c. into every loop; the next row the same; from this row increase as may be required, working 4 rows of darkest green, 4 rows of next shade, 3 rows of next shade, in all 11 rows; there must by 154 stitches in the outside row.

Fasten off the cord neatly, and with darkest shade of green, work 21 d.c. stitches; now turn on reverse side, and work 21 rows of ridged crochet, which is done by working into the lower loop instead of the upper one, and omitting at the end of every row the 1 ch. which in ordinary ridged crochet prevents it decreasing, but by omitting this 1 ch. these 21 d.c. stitches will be decreased to a point; work 6 rows of the 2 darkest shades, and 9 of the lightest of the 3 shades:  make 7 of these points, but be careful, in joining on every shade, that the knots are concealed, and run in the last end very neatly.  With the lightest green of the 3 shades, commence on the wrong side of the mat, begin on the first dark ridge of the point, make 5 ch., d.c. on every ridge, but d.c. into the point, make 5 ch., d.c. into same loop, then 5 ch., d.c. on every ridge till the last, then crochet into the 1st ridge of next point, without making any chain between.

Palest Green.—­D.c. into centre of 2nd 5 ch. from the bottom of the point, 5 ch., d.c. into centre of every 5 ch. till the point, then d.c. in centre of top, 5 ch., 5 ch., d.c. into same, then work down till within the last ch. of 5, omit this, and d.c. in 2nd ch. of 5 from the bottom of next point.

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