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formed by a chain, any leaves or flowers that come on the right side of it being then made as you come to them; generally a flower forms the point of the spray, and this being made, the stem is finished by working the chain stitches in s.c., adding the leaves or flowers on the left side whenever they occur, and working down to the commencement of the chain.  Leave about three inches of thread on beginning and ending; thread these with a fine needle and run a few stitches up and down the stem, on the wrong side, to secure them.  They may then be cut off closely, and the sprig is complete.

As these general observations refer to all imitations of Honiton lace in crochet, we shall beg our readers to refer to them, when directions for other specimens are given.

* * * * *


MATERIALS.—­Brooks’ Great Exhibition Prize Goat’s-head Crochet Cotton.  Penelope Hook.

May be worked from the engraving in any thickness of cotton, amounting to the size of curtain required; the larger the curtain the thicker the cotton should be.  It likewise, in thick cotton, looks remarkably well for bed curtains.


* * * * *


MATERIALS.—­Brooks’ Great Exhibition Prize Goat’s-head Knitting Cord, No. 70.  Penelope Hook.

The extreme elaboration of this pattern demands that the material in which it is worked should be lighter than it need be when the design is simpler and less rich.  The use of finer materials also diminishes the size of the pattern; we, therefore, recommend No. 70:  but, of course, it is optional to use coarser.

In No. 70 Cotton, about 6 patterns, besides the border, will make a curtain two yards wide; but in No. 40, not more than five patterns would be required.

The border should be worked at each edge, which may very easily be done by working backwards from the centre of the last pattern, to the edge.  It is not necessary to work a border at the top of the curtains.

Each pattern contains 61 squares or 183 stitches; the border 45 squares or 135 stitches; reckoning from the extreme edge to the straight line 8 squares, which occurs in every scroll between the patterns.  For 6 patterns and 2 borders, therefore, 1,368 stitches would be required for a foundation, with the one over, always needed in square crochet.  In working the border along the bottom, care must be taken completely to reverse it at the centre, that is, after 3 patterns, otherwise the corner would not be found to go right.

* * * * *


MATERIALS.—­Brooks’ Great Exhibition Prize Goat’s-head Knitting Cord,
No, 40.  Penelope Hook.  Cast on twelve stitches.

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