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2nd:  When at the end, turn back, work 3 l. on l., 3 ch., repeat; at the corner, after the last 3 l. and 3 ch., make 3 l. under the 3 ch. at corner, 3 ch., 3 more l. under same, 3 ch. 3 l. on l., repeat.

3rd:  Turn back and work the same.

4th:  Turn back, d.c. on the 1st of the l. stitches, * 5 ch., 3 d.c. under the 3 ch, repeat from *.

5th:  Turn back, 6 ch., 3 d.c. on the d.c., repeat.

6th:  Turn back, 7 ch, 3 d.c. on d.c., repeat.

Now, along the top work a row of extra long stitches, made by twisting the cotton twice over the hook instead of once, beginning on the d.c. stitches of the border, and working 5 l. stitches across the width of the border at regular spaces, then 1 l., 2 ch., 1 l. on every l. across the squares, terminating with 5 l. in the width of the border.

Now 3 d.c. into every space between the l. stitches, then crochet the two pieces together on the right side of the work, or sewing will do as well.  If the tidy should require washing, let it now be done, and pressed between a double linen cloth, under a heavy weight; when dry, line it with coloured cambric, omitting the border; double it in half, and run a small tuck at the bottom of the extra l. stitches; in this tuck insert a narrow piece of whalebone, not quite so long as the work, and secure it at both ends; get a yard of satin ribbon, place a pin in the centre, and on one side of this pin sew on to the ribbon some pieces of old linen fringed about 3 inches in width, and 8 inches long, if this is doubled over the ribbon it will make each piece 4 inches long; sew then on the other side of the pin some soft chamois leather the same width and length, now place it in the centre of the tidy, draw the ribbon over, and tie it in a bow at the back.  This should be laid on the toilet table, and not hung up; it will have the appearance of a book.

* * * * *


MATERIALS.—­12 Reels No. 10 or 12 Brooks’ Great Exhibition Prize Goat’s-head Crochet Cotton.  No. 3 Penelope Hook.

Make 266 chain stitches; this chain must be worked very evenly and well, as it is the centre of the pattern, and will have to be worked into on the other side after the 33rd row; turn back 1 l., into 4th loop from hook, 3 more long into successive loops, now 14 square, formed by working 2 ch., 1 l. into 3rd loop, 3 l., 4 sq., 6 l., 1 sq., 6 l., 6 sq., 15 l., 3 sq., 9 l., 1 sq., 3 l., 2 sq., 12 l., 1 sq., 12 l., 2 sq., 3 l., 1 sq., 3 l., 1 sq., 3 l., 1 sq., 3 l., 1 sq., 15 l., 2 sq., 9 l., 11 sq., 3 l.

The cotton must be cut off every row.

2nd:  4 l., 7 sq., 6 l., 2 sq., 3 l., 2 sq., 3 l., 3 sq., 21 l., 2 sq., 6 l., 1 sq., 15 l., 1 sq., 6 l., 2 sq., 6 l., 1 sq., 18 l., 1 sq., 18 l., 1 sq., 9 l., 1 sq., 9 l., 1 sq., 3 l., 1 sq., 3 l., 4 sq., 9 l., 10 sq., 3 l.

3rd:  4 l., 9 sq., 9 l., 3 sq., 3 l., 2 sq., 9 l., 1 sq., 9 l., 2 sq., 9 l., 1 sq., 9 l., 1 sq., 9 l., 3 sq., 3 l., 1 sq., 18 l., 1 sq., 18 l., 1 sq., 21 l., 10 sq., 3 l., 10 sq., 3 l.

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