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For the back:  Commence on the wrong side of the foundation chain, and work 41 rows of squares, then work as at 42nd row, and continue working till the end of 62nd row.

Now 2 rows of squares.

Now a row of double long stitches the same as the row on the other end.  Turn back.

1 double l. on l., * 5 ch., 4 double l. on the l., repeat from *.

Now a row of long stitches, not double long.

Now work 3 d.c. into every space up both sides, then crochet both sides together on the right side, by working 1 d.c. stitch into every loop of both sides, first doubling it at the foundation chain, consequently the back will be a trifle higher than the front.

Now, up the side and along the top of the back, work thus:  1 l. in 1st loop, * 9 ch., 1 l. into 7th loop, repeat from * and at each corner make 2 l. into 1 loop, with 9 ch. between each l.

Next row, 9 d c. under every 9 ch.

Cover 2 strips of narrow whalebone the exact length of the back of the case, with coloured ribbon, and run it into the 2 open rows; for the front, cut a length of whalebone two inches longer than the pieces for the back, and run in the front row, then add ribbon and bow as in engraving.

* * * * *


MATERIALS.—­3 shades of scarlet, the lightest to be a very bright military scarlet, 1 skein of the darkest, 2 of each of the lighter shades; 4 skeins of bright maize colour; skein of shaded violet; 1 skein of shaded scarlet; 3 shades of green; 1 skein of each shade, the darkest to be very dark, and the lightest to be very light; 2 shades of sky-blue, 1 skein of each; 1 skein of white; all 4 thread Berlin wool; 24 curtain rings, the size of a fourpenny-piece, or a trifle larger; 4 yards of blind cord;

1-1/4 yards of scarlet satin ribbon, half an inch in width, or covered curtain rings will answer the same purpose.  No. 2 Penelope hook.

With darkest scarlet work, 14 d.c. stitches over the cord, then turn the cord round in as small a circle as possible, unite and work 3 rows with this shade, increasing in the two rows after the 1st, 1 stitch in every loop; then 4th, 5th, and 6th rows, of next shade, increasing as may be required; 7th, 8th, and 9th rows of next shade, increasing the same.

10th row.—­4 stitches Maize, 4 stitches Violet.

[Illustration:  WATCH POCKET.]

11th row.—­All Violet; there should be 150 stitches in this row.

Cut off the cord, and fasten it nearly, also the wool.

The Mat should now measure 4-1/4 inches across.

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