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3rd:  (Eyelet-holes).  These are to be worked quite separately from the last, at first.  X 9 ch., close for a round in the second, and work 8 s.c. under the half, X repeat until a length is done sufficient to surround the square, every little round being half-covered by the s.c.  In covering the other half of each circle, you will attach it to the work thus:—­4 more s.c. make a ch., slip the needle off the loop, insert it at the corner of second round, and draw the loop through, then 4 s.c. under the remainder of the circle, 1 s.c. on ch. between; X 4 s.c. under next eyelet-hole, miss 2 on the second round, insert the hook in the third, draw the loop through, and work 4 more under the ch.; X repeat, allowing 3 between, except at the corners.

4th:  S.c. (putting the hook under both sides of the chain) at the top of an eyelet-hole, X 5 ch., s.c. in the same way under the centre of the next, X all round, with 6 ch. at the corners.

5th:  X 1 d.c., 1 ch., miss 1, X all round, not missing any at the corners.

6th:  S.c. all round, with two stitches in one at the corners.

MOTTO BORDERS.—­For these use Brooks’ Great Exhibition Prize Goat’s-head Cotton, No. 12, on which the beads must be strung before beginning to work.  The borders are done entirely in s.c., the beads being dropped on, according to the pattern, on the wrong side, this wrong side being the right when beads are used in crochet.  The ends have 241 chain each:  the sides, 397.  The pattern occupies 55 rows, and the squares at the corners have 55 chain, and the same number of rows.

The motto borders and corners are all worked separately, and afterwards sewed together.  When completed, the eyelet-hole border is again added all round, and the counterpane then only requires a deep open border.

This quilt would be very handsome, if worked in coarser cotton, for a full-sized bed.  The small diamonds in the centre would thus be increased in size, and a sufficient number should be done to form a middle just three times the dimensions of that now given.  The borders should be worked in open square crochet instead of s.c.; the pattern and letters in close squares on an open ground.  It would for this purpose, be requisite to make the chains of three times the number of stitches, and one over:  724 for the ends, 1,192 for the sides, and 166 for the corners.  In other respects the counterpane might be worked exactly from the instructions.

The family coat-of-arms and crest, correctly drawn, would make a very handsome centre for a counterpane in crochet.  Where a quilt is done in square crochet, it should be laid over one of the new patent wadded counterpanes of a colour appropriate to the furniture of the room, as this displays the work to great advantage.

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