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2nd row of open work:  Turn, X 5 ch., d.c. under the chain between the first and second set of 3 d.c.  X repeat to the end of the row; 5 ch., s.c. at the end.

3rd:  Turn, X 3 ch., s.c. under loop, X repeat to the end.

4th:  2 ch., turn d.c. in every stitch to the end.

5th:  1 ch., turn, s.c. to the end.

For the side pieces (c) work in exactly the same manner, only beginning by working thus:  2 ch., turn, 2 s.c. in the first of these, 1 ch., turn, 2 s.c. in the first of the two and 1 in the second.  This is just the reverse of the other, the increase continuing to be made at that edge where the first increases.  Of course the last row will end at the point of one piece, and the short side of the other.

(d) 2 ch., work 3 s.c. in the first of these, 1 ch., turn, 2 s.c. in the first, 3 in the next, 2 in the last.  Turn, 1 ch.; work this and all the following rows until you have 61 stitches in this manner. 2 s.c. in the first and last stitches, 3 in one in the centre, and 1 in one in every other (increasing 4 stitches in every row).  The five open work rows to be done as in a.

(e) Work these pieces like a, until 10 ribs are done; then turn and s.c. up to the three centre stitches, slip on the first of the three, X turn, miss the slip stitch, slip on the next, and s.c. to the end; turn, 1 ch., s.c. on all the s.c. but the last, which slip; X repeat between the marks until one stitch only remains, through which the thread is drawn.  The other side of the point must then be worked to correspond with the first, the centre stitch not being worked at all.

(f) These two morsels are begun like b and c, and finished in the same way that e is.  They will then exactly fit those corners.  The other corners (g) are worked by beginning, as usual, with 2 ch., in the first of which work 3 s.c.  X ch., turn, 2 s c. in first and last stitches, and one in each intermediate; X repeating backwards and forwards until 3 stitches are in the row, when complete by open work as in b and c.

The numbers required of each piece are—­a, 28; b and c, five of each; d, e, f, and g, two each. (A glance at the engraving will show the manner in which these are joined into an oblong square.)

EYELET-HOLE BORDER.—­When all are sewed together, a line of d.c. must be worked all round, with 3 stitches in one at the corners, and two in one on each side of the three.  This will make the corners perfectly square.

2nd round:  X 1 d.c., 1 ch., miss 1 X; repeat all round, but not missing any at the corners.

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