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3rd:  Like first.

4th:  Like 2nd.

5th:  Purled; join at the end.

6th:  Knitted; join at the end.

7th:  X knit 2, slip 2, knit 1, X join at the end.

8th:  X purl 1, slip 2, knit 2, X join as before.

9th:  Like 7th.

10th:  Like 8th.

11th:  Purled.

12th:  Knitted.

13th:  X knit 1, slip 2, knit 2, X join at the end.

14th:  X purl 2, slip 2, knit 1, X join.

15th:  Like 13th.

16th:  Like 14th.

17th:  Purled, with join at the end.

18th:  Knitted.  The same.  Repeat these 18 rows.

Take up the remaining stitches of the 70, and form the whole into a round for the ankle.  Purl four rounds.

5th round:  X knit 3, make 1, knit 2 together, X all round.  Purl 6 more rounds, and cast off.

For the tassels.—­Plait some wool into a cord, and fasten at each end a tassel of white and pink wool combed out.

For the ruche.—­Cast on five stitches with the coarser needles, and the white embroidery wool.  Knit and purl the rows alternately, winding the wool six times round two fingers of the left hand at every stitch, and taking up those threads with the stitches.  Do about ten rows so; then for ten more wind the wool only for the first and last stitches, and the pink for the others of each row.  Do enough to go twice round the top of each boot.  Cut the loops, and comb out the wool.  Sew it round the top of the boot.

* * * * *


Materials.—­12 shades of amber, 7 shades of lilac, 4 shades of green. 4 Skeins of each colour. 5 Steel Needles, No. 14.  Cardboard foundation, covered with white or amber cambric, 8 inches in diameter.

For the mat.—­Knit 4 rounds of each shade of amber, beginning with the lightest.  Cast on 2 stitches on each of 4 needles; bring the wool forward, knit half the stitches on the first needle; t. f. and k. [Footnote:  K. means knit; k. 2+ knit two together; p. purl; t. f. thread forward.] the other half; repeat the same on each of the other 3 needles; k. the next round plain; repeat these two rounds until there are 48 stitches on each needle; then cast off, and sew this on the covered cardboard foundation.

For the tulips.—­5 tulips to be knitted in 7 shades of amber, and 5 in 7 shades of lilac; 4 rounds to be knitted of each shade; 4 needles.  Cast on 2 stitches on each of 3 needles; t.f. at the commencement of each needle; k. 1 plain round; purl a round, increasing at commencement of each needle.  Repeat these two rounds till there are 22 stitches on each of the three needles; then first k. 3, k. 2+, k. 1, k. 2+, k. 3; turn the work back, and purl the stitches.

[Illustration:  The tulip wreath flower-vase mat.]

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