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If preferred, the back of the screen may be covered with silk of the colour of the crochet, as more durable than white.

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MATERIALS.—­Brooks’ Great Exhibition Prize Goat’s-head Knitting Cords, Nos. 12 and 16; 8 oz. of blue beads, large enough to thread on the finest cotton, they should be turquoise blue; crochet hooks, Nos. 19 and 20.

The centre of the counterpane is made in diamonds, with small pieces at the edges, merely to fill in the parts where the diamonds leave spaces, and form the whole into a solid square.  It is done in ribbed crochet.  Ribbed crochet is so called from the work having the appearance of ridges.  It is worked backwards and forwards thus:  the top of a row of crochet, whether s.c., d.c., or t.c., presents an appearance of chain stitch; in working ribbed crochet, take up always that side of the chain which is furthest from you.  The middle of the counterpane is done in knitting cord, No. 12; crochet hook, No 19.

FOR THE DIAMONDS.—­(a) Make 2 ch., miss 1, 3 s.c. in the next ch.

2nd:  Turn the work; 1 ch., 1 s.c. in one, 3 s.c. in next, 1 s.c. in third.

3rd:  Turn, 1 ch., 2 s.c. in second, 3 s.c. in next, 2 s.c. in two last.

Thus you proceed, turning the work at the end of every row, working 1 s.c. in every one but the middle stitch, in which you work 3, until you have made 15 ribs, and the row has 61 stitches, a chain stitch being made at the beginning of every row.

Now make 3 ch., on turning, and work 3 d.c. in the first stitch, X miss 2, 3 d.c. in third, X 9 times, miss 1, 3 d.c. in second, 1 ch., miss 1 (which should be at the point), 3 d.c. in second, miss 1, 3 d.c. in second, * miss 2, 3 d.c. in third, * 9 times.  This completes the row, the last 3 d.c. coming on the last stitch.


Turn, X 5 ch., d.c. between the sets of 3 d.c. of the last row, X to the end; s.c. only at the last.

Turn, X 3 ch, s.c. under loop, X to the end but with 5 ch. at the point; another s.c. in the last loop.

Turn, 2 ch., d.c. in every stitch of last row.  Turn, 1 ch., s.c. in every stitch of last row; fasten off.

This completes one diamond, which for a bassinet quilt will be large enough.  For a large counterpane they may be considerably increased.  A glance at the engraving will show how they are joined together.

For the half diamonds at the side (b) make 2 ch.; work 2 s.c. in the first of these, turn, 1 ch., 1 s.c. in the first of the two of last row, 2 s.c. in the second; turn, 1 ch., 2 s.c. in the first, and 1 in each of the other 2 s.c. of last row.  Continue working thus, making two in one at the end of one row and the beginning of the next, until there are 31 stitches and 15 ribs.  Then, for the open part, 2 ch., turn, work 3 d.c. in the first stitch, X miss 2, 3 d.c. in next, X 10 times.

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