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[Illustration:  To cast off.]

To form A round:—­This diagram represents the French manner of performing this process by casting the whole number of stitches on one needle, and then distributing them on three, or perhaps four.  But the English mode is to divide the number of stitches, and cast so many on each needle, not withdrawing the last stitch of each needle from the point of the next needle.  When all are cast on, the round is made by knitting the two first stitches on to the last needle.  Four needles are employed for stockings, five for doyleys and other round articles.

To cast off:—­knit two stitches, insert the point of the left hand needle in the first stitch, and draw it on the other.  Knit another stitch, and treat these two in the same way.

* * * * *


Materials.—­1 ounce of white Berlin wool. 1 skein of white, and 1 of embroidery wool, 4 knitting needles, No. 21, and 2, No. 19.

With the fine needles cast 30 stitches on one, and 20 on each of two others.  Join into a round, and purl one round.

[Illustration:  Infant’s shoe, in knitting]

1st pattern round:  X slip 2, taking them off the needle in the same way as if you were going to purl them, but with the wool at the back; knit 3.  X repeat all round.

2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds:  the same.

5th and 6th:  purl every stitch.

7th to 10th inclusive:  X knit 3, slip 2 as before, X repeat all round, 11th and 12th purled.

13th to 16th inclusive:  X knit 2, slip 2 as before, knit 1, X repeat all round.

17th and 18th purled.  Repeat these 18 rounds again.

Then do the same twice more; but, instead of knitting three stitches, always decrease by knitting two together (once) on the needle that has the thirty stitches in every row which is not plainly purled, until only twelve stitches are left on it.

When 72 rounds are done, the boot will be sufficiently long.  Purl two rounds, divide the whole number of stitches on two needles, taking care that the 12 stitches shall be exactly in the centre of one; then join up the toe by casting off, knitting one stitch from each needle together.

Now take up the twenty centre stitches of the 70 originally cast on—­that is, the twenty middle ones of the thirty that were on one needle, and which were decreased to twelve.  Knit them backwards and forwards 40 rows.  With another needle take up on each edge of this plain knitting 20 more stitches, so that there are 60 altogether.

These stitches must be knitted backwards and forwards thus:—­

1st row:  X knit 3, slip 2 as before, X repeat with the last stitch, take up one of the 70 next to the 20.

2nd:  Slip 2, but as if you were going to knit plain, purl 3.  Repeat; join on to the 70 at the other end.

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