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2nd b.  Make the same as first b till the last row, where join in precisely the same way; the 1st point to centre a and two more points to 1st b; finish the row same as 1st a, and fasten off.

Make 6 more b, joining in the same manner.  You will see what points are joined in the engraving.

c.  With cotton No. 30, and hook 4. 8 chain, 1 s c. in 1st:  then in round loop; * 1 d.c. 5 chain repeat * 5 times more.  In 1st 5 chain ** 1 d.c., 2 long, 3 chain, join to a, turn, and on 3 chain 1 d.c., 2 long:  in same 5 chain, 2 long, 1 d.c. ** repeat 5 times more, joining each petal as in the engraving, fasten off.

Make 7 more cs, joining between a and bs in the same manner.

d.  With cotton No. 22, and hook 3-1/2. 8 chain, make it round, and in loop work 12 d.c.; * 1 d.c. on 1st d.c., 5 chain, miss 1, repeat 5 times more, * then in each 5 chain; ** 2 d.c., 4 long, 2 d.c., ** fasten off.

With cotton No. 20, and hook 3-1/2. * 1 s.c. in 2nd d.c., 6 chain turn, miss 1, 1 d.c.; 4 chain repeat * 5 times more; miss 1, ** 5 long, 7 chain 1 long in same as last long; 4 long, miss 2, repeat ** 5 times more, except in the last two points, where in 4th chain stitch of 7 chain join to point of b, fasten off.  Make 7 more ds, joining as in the engraving.

e.  With cotton No. 20, and hook 3-1/2. 10 chain make round; * 2 d.c. in loop; 7 chain repeat * 3 times more. ** 5 long in 7 chain, 3 chain, 5 long repeat ** 3 times more, joining, as seen in the engraving, to b and d, fasten off.  Make 7 more es, joining each between two ds.

f.  With cotton No. 30, and hook 4.  Make 7 chain, make into a loop, and in loop * 1 d.c., 4 chain join to b, turn, miss 1, 1 d.c., 2 long repeat * 5 times more; join in the same manner, and placed as in the engraving, fasten off.  Make 7 more, joining them as you make them.

g.  With cotton No. 28, and hook 4. * 1 d.c. on 1st d.c. of e 5 chain, miss 2, * repeat all round.

Make the tassels with No. 10 cotton, over a card 2 inches wide; wind it round the card 10 times, tie it round about half an inch down, draw the cotton tight and bring the ends to the top again, fasten to the d’oyley, as in the engraving.

Make a sufficient number to go round.

* * * * *


MATERIALS.—­Brooks’ Great Exhibition Prize Goat’s-head Crochet Thread, No. 36:  and Penelope Crochet Hook, No. 5.

Make a round loop the size of this O, and then commence.

1st Round:  Ch. 3, and work 1 treble for 8 times in the round loop of last round, plain 1, and fasten off.

2nd:  3 treble at the top of the one treble of last round, ch. 3, and repeat round, plain 1, and fasten off.

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