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[Illustration:  Plain knitting.]

When knitted and purled stitches occur in the same row, the thread must be brought forward before a purled stitch, and taken back before a knitted one.

[Illustration:  The German manner.]

To make A stitch.  Bring the thread in front, as if for a purled stitch, so that when you knit one the thread will pass over the needle, and will make a hole in the following row.  This diagram shows the manner of making three stitches, and any other number could be made, by putting the thread round a proportionate number of times.  In the engraving it will be seen that the thread is put twice entirely round the needle; and then brought forward, so that the next knitted stitch will take it over a third time.  In doing the next row, knit one, purl one, knit one of these stitches; however many are made, they must be alternately knitted and purled in the next row.  When the stitch allowing the made stitches is to be purled, the thread must be entirely passed round the needle, once for every stitch to be made, and brought forward also.

[Illustration:  Purling.]

[Illustration:  To make A stitch.]

Slip stitch.—­Pass a stitch from the left needle to the right, without knitting it.  There are two ways of decreasing:  first, by knitting two, three, or more stitches as one, marked in knitting, as k 2 t, k 3 t, etc.  Secondly, in the following way:  slip one stitch, knit-one, pass the slip stitch over:  this decreases one stitch.  To decrease two; slip one, knit two together, pass the slip stitch over.

[Illustration:  To take up stitches.]

A reverse stitch is taken off the left-hand needle, in the reverse way to knitting and purling.  In both these, the right-hand needle is inserted in the middle of the stitch, and the point brought out towards you or otherwise.  But to make a reverse stitch, you insert the point of the needle in the stitch at the back of the work, and bring it forward through the opening in which it generally is inserted.  The thread is to be placed round it, as for a purled stitch.

[Illustration:  To knit two pieces together.]

To reverse two, three, or more stitches together, insert the needle in them all at once, from the last to the first.

To take up stitches.—­Insert the needle in the loop, pass the thread round, and knit it in the usual manner.  Do not draw out any loop more than can be avoided, while knitting it.

To knit two pieces together.—­To do this there must be an equal number of stitches on both.

[Illustration:  To form A round.]

Hold the needles together in the right hand, and knit as usual, inserting the left-hand needle in a loop of each at the same time, and treating the two as one.

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