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4th:.  X 3 open, 2 close, 1 open, 1 close, 1 open, X 26 times.

5th:  X 2 open, 1 close, 1 open, 1 close, 1 open, 1 close, 1 open, X 26 times.

6th:  X 1 open, 2 close, 1 open 1 close, 3 open, X 26 times.

7th, 8th, and 9th:  X 1 open, 2 close, 2 open, 1 close, 2 open, X 26 times.

10th:  X 2 open, 3 close, 3 open, * 26 times.

11th:  Open square crochet.

12th:  D.c.

EDGING.—­One pattern takes up the space of a pattern of the band, consequently there are 26 in the round.  Each is finished before proceeding to the next.  The band and edging may be done entirely without breaking off the thread, therefore continue for the latter, after closing the former. 12 s.c., 12 ch., close it into a round, under which work 23 s.c.; 9 s.c. on the edge of the band; turn the work on the wrong side,—­7 ch., miss 5 of the 23 on the round, s.c. under the 6th, * 5 ch, miss 3, s.c. under 4th, * 3 times; 7 ch., s.c. under 4th of the 12 s.c. (leaving a space of 8 to the loop).  Turn on the right side and work under each loop of 7, 1 s.c., 2 d.c. 4 t.c., 2 d.c., 2 s.c., and under the other loops, 2 s.c., 4 d.c., 2 s.c.:  2 s.c. more on the band complete one pattern.  Fasten to the round with a row of s.c., taking a stitch of each.

NOTE.—­It is to be remembered that each round begins with a d.c. of 3 ch., and 3 ch., after which the pattern between the * * is done 7 times throughout, and the eighth time the last d.c. and 3 ch. are omitted, being worked at the commencement of the round.  To write this at the end of every round would make the directions tediously long, and the worker can find no difficulty if observing this note.

* * * * *


MATERIALS.—­Brooks’ Great Exhibition Prize Goat’s-head Knitting Cord, No. 40, or 60, with a suitable hook.

This is a new and extremely pretty kind of cushion, for the back of a chair, which renders an ordinary seat almost as commodious as a professedly easy chair.

A small cushion is made, just the length of the back of the chair, and narrow in the proportion seen in the engraving, which is covered either with Berlin-wool work, or (as we have designed) with crochet.  It is suspended from the top of the chair by ribbons or cords; and the lower edge is finished with either fringe or tassels.  We have given two sizes of cotton as suitable for this purpose, as the dimensions must depend on those of the chair.  The pattern requires a foundation chain of 274 stitches, and if No. 40 cord is used, and an ordinary hook suitable for it, the length will be as nearly as possible, half a yard.  Should the chair not be so wide, the same number of stitches, with a finer cord, will decrease the cushion cover; if required larger, for any purpose whatever, by using a coarser material the same design will be proportionably increased.

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