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  De Guichen Accompanies them to Haiti with his Fleet 147

  He declines to Cooeperate on the Continent with the Americans, and
          sails for Europe 148

  Rodney Arranges for the protection of the Homeward West India
          Trade, and then proceeds to New York 149

  Effect of his coming 150

  The Year 1780 one of great Discouragement to Americans 151

  Summary of the Operations in the Carolinas and Virginia, 1780,
          which led to Lord Cornwallis’s Surrender in 1781 151

  Two Naval Actions sustained by Commodore Cornwallis against
          superior French forces, 1780 153

  The Year 1780 Uneventful in European seas 157

  Capture of a great British Convoy 157

  The Armed Neutrality of the Baltic Powers 158

  The Accession of Holland to this followed by a Declaration of War
          by Great Britain 158

  The French Government withdraws all its Ships of War from before
          Gibraltar 158


Naval campaign in west Indies in 1781.  Capture of st. Eustatius by RodneyDe Grasse arrives in place of de GuichenTobago surrenders to de Grasse

  Effects of the Great Hurricanes of 1780 in West Indies 159

  Rodney’s Diminished Force.  Arrival of Sir Samuel Hood with
          reinforcements 160

  Rodney receives Orders to seize Dutch Possessions in Caribbean

  Capture of St. Eustatius, St. Martin, and Saba 161

  The large Booty and Defenceless state of St. Eustatius 161

  Effect of these Conditions upon Rodney 161

  Hood detached to cruise before Martinique 162

  De Grasse arrives there with Twenty Ships-of-the-Line 163

  Indecisive Action between de Grasse and Hood 164

  Criticism of the two Commanders 166

  Junction of Rodney and Hood 166

  De Grasse attempts Santa Lucia, and Fails 167

  He captures Tobago 168

  He decides to take his Meet to the American Continent 168


Naval operations preceding and determining the fall of YorktownCornwallis surrenders


  Summary of Land Operations in Virginia early in 1781 169

  Portsmouth Occupied 170

  A French Squadron from Newport, and a British from Gardiner’s Bay,
          proceed to the Scene 170

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