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  Spain declares War against Great Britain 116

  Delays in Junction of French and Spanish Fleets 116

  They enter the Channel.  Alarm in England 117

  Plans of the French Government 118

  Their Change and Failure.  The Allied Fleets return to Brest 119

  Criticism of the British Ministry 120

  Divergent views of France and Spain 120

  Prominence given to Gibraltar, and the resulting Effect upon the
          general War 121

  Exhaustion of Supplies at Gibraltar 121

  Rodney with the Channel Fleet Sails for its Relief, with ultimate
          Destination to Leeward Islands Command 121

  He Captures a large Spanish Convoy 122

  And Destroys a Second Spanish Squadron of Eleven Sail-of-the-Line

  Distinction of this Engagement 124

  Gibraltar and Minorca Relieved 125

  Rodney proceeds to the West Indies 126

  The Channel Fleet returns to England 126


Rodney and de Guichen’s naval campaign in west IndiesDe Guichen
returns to Europe and Rodney goes to new YorkLord Cornwallis in the
CarolinasTwo naval actions of commodore CornwallisRodney returns
to west Indies


  Rodney’s Force upon arrival in West Indies 128

  Action between British and French Squadrons prior to his arrival

  Rodney and de Guichen put to sea 130

  Action between them of April 17, 1780 131

  Cause of Failure of Rodney’s Attack 133

  His Disappointment in his Subordinates 135

  His Expression of his Feelings 135

  Discussion of the Incidents and Principles involved 137

  The Losses of the Respective Fleets 140

  They Continue to Cruise 141

  The Action of May 15, 1780 142

  That of May 19, 1780 144

  The Results Indecisive 144

  Contrary Personal Effect produced upon the two Admirals by the
          encounters 145

  De Guichen asks to be Relieved 145

  Rodney’s Chary Approval of his Subordinates in these two instances

  Suspicion and Distrust rife in the British Navy at this period

  Twelve Spanish Sail-of-the-Line, with Ten Thousand Troops, Arrive
          at Guadeloupe 147

  They refuse Cooeperation with de Guichen in the Windward Islands

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