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  The Battle of Ushant 84

  A Drawn Battle.  The respective Losses 91

  The Significance of the Battle in the fighting Development of the
          British Navy 93

  The “Order of Battle” 93

  The Disputes and Courts Martial in Great Britain arising from the
          Battle of Ushant 94

  Keppel Resigns his Command 97


Operations in the west Indies, 1778-1779.  The British invasion of Georgia and south Carolina

  Influence of Seasonal Conditions upon Naval Operations in America

  Commercial Importance of the West Indies 98

  The French seize Dominica 99

  D’Estaing Sails with his Fleet from Boston for Martinique 100

  A British Squadron under Hotham sails the same day for Barbados,
          with Five Thousand Troops 100

  Admiral Barrington’s Seizure of Santa Lucia 101

  D’Estaing sails to Recapture it 102

  Rapidity and Skill shown in Barrington’s Movements and
          Dispositions 102

  D’Estaing’s attacks Foiled, both on Sea and on Shore 103

  He Abandons the attempt and Returns to Martinique 104

  Importance of Santa Lucia in Subsequent Operations 104

  Byron Reaches Barbados, and takes over Command from Barrington

  D’Estaing Captures the British Island Grenada 105

  Byron goes to its Relief 106

  The Action between the two Fleets, of Byron and d’Estaing, July 6,
          1779 106

  Criticism of the two Commanders-in-Chief 110

  D’Estaing returns to Grenada, which remains French 112

  Byron returns to England.  British North American Station assigned
          to Admiral Arbuthnot, Leeward Islands to Rodney 113

  British Operations in Georgia and South Carolina.  Capture of
          Savannah 113

  Fatal Strategic Error in these Operations 114

  D’Estaing’s attempt to Retake Savannah Foiled 115

  His appearance on the coast, however, causes the British to
          abandon Narragansett Bay 115

  D’Estaing succeeded by de Guichen in North America.  Rodney also
          arrives 115


The naval war in European waters, 1779.  Allied fleets invade the English channelRodney destroys two Spanish squadrons and relieves Gibraltar

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