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  France recognizes the Independence of the United States, and makes
          with them a defensive Alliance 58

  A French Fleet sails for America under Comte d’Estaing 59

  Unprepared condition of the British Navy 59

  Admiral Byron sails with a Reinforcement for America 59

  Ill effect of Naval Unreadiness upon British Commerce; and
          especially on the West Indies 60

  Admiral Keppel puts to Sea with the British Channel Fleet 61

  First Guns of the War with France 62

  Extreme Length of Byron’s Passage 62

  He turns back to Halifax 62

  D’Estaing’s slowness allows Howe to escape from Delaware Bay. 
          Howe’s Celerity 62

  Evacuation of Philadelphia by British Army, and its precipitate
          Retreat to New York 63

  Escape of both Army and Fleet due to d’Estaing’s Delays 63

  Rapid Action of Lord Howe 64

  D’Estaing Arrives off New York 64

  Howe’s elaborate Dispositions for the Defence of New York Bay

  Statement of British and French Naval Force 66

  D’Estaing decides not to attempt Passage of the Bar, and puts to
          Sea 67

  Anchors off Narragansett Bay 69

  Forces the Entrance to Newport and Anchors inside the Bay 70

  The British garrison besieged by superior American and French
          forces 70

  Howe appears with his Fleet and anchors off the entrance, at Point
          Judith 71

  Sustained Rapidity of his action at New York 71

  D’Estaing Withdraws from Siege of Newport and puts to Sea 73

  Manoeuvres of the two Opponents 74

  D’Estaing quits the Field, and both Fleets are scattered by a
          heavy Gale 75

  Howe returns to New York and collects his Fleet 76

  D’Estaing calls oft Newport; but abandons the Siege finally,
          taking his Fleet to Boston 77

  Critical Condition of British garrison in Newport.  D’Estaing’s
          withdrawal compels Americans to raise the siege 77

  Howe follows d’Estaing to Boston 77

  Discussion of the Conduct of the opposing Admirals 78

  Howe gives up his Command and returns to England 80




  Admirals Keppel and D’Orvilliers put to Sea from Portsmouth and
          Brest 82

  Instructions given to the French Admiral 83

  Preliminary Manoeuvres after the two Fleets had sighted one
          another 83

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