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  Operations about the City 39

  Continuous and Decisive, but Inconspicuous, Part played by the
          British Navy 40

  Description of Local Conditions about New York 40

  American Preparations for Defence 41

  Crucial Weakness of the Scheme 42

  The Advance of the British 42

  Washington withdraws his Army from the Brooklyn side 43

  Success of this Withdrawal due to British Negligence 44

  Subsequent Operations, and Retreat of Washington to New Jersey

  Retreat continued to Pennsylvania, where he receives
          reinforcements 46

  Slackness of Sir William Howe’s actions 47

  The British take possession of Narragansett Bay.  Importance of
          that position 48

  Washington suddenly takes the Offensive.  Battle of Trenton 48

  He recovers most of the State of New Jersey 49


The decisive period of the warSurrender of Burgoyne and capture of Philadelphia by HoweThe naval part in each operation


  British Object in Campaign of 1777 the same as that in 1776 50

  Part assigned to Burgoyne 50

  Slowness of his Progress at the beginning 51

  Sir William Howe, instead of cooeperating, takes his Army to the
          Chesapeake 52

  Criticism of this Course 52

  Howe’s Progress to Philadelphia, and Capture of that City 53

  Admiral Lord Howe takes the Fleet from the Chesapeake to the
          Delaware 53

  Surrender of Burgoyne and his Army 53

  British Naval Operations in Delaware Bay 54

  Brief Tenure—­Nine Months—­of Philadelphia by British 55

  The general Failure of the British Campaign determined by Howe’s
          move to the Chesapeake 55

  General Results of the Campaign 56

  Part played by the British Navy.  Analogous to that in Spain,
          1808-1812, and in many other instances 57


War begins between France and great BritainBritish evacuate
PhiladelphiaNaval operations of D’ESTAING and Howe about new York,
Narragansett bay, and BostonComplete success of Lord HoweAmerican
disappointment in D’ESTAING.  Lord Howe returns to England

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