The Major Operations of the Navies in the War of American Independence eBook

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  Arnold’s Schemes and Diligence to create a Lake Navy, 1776 13

  Difficulties to be overcome 13

  Superior Advantages of the British 13

  The British by building acquire Superiority, but too late for
          effect in 1776 13

  Ultimate Consequences from this Retardation 14

  Constitution of the Naval Force raised by Arnold 14

  He moves with it to the foot of Lake Champlain 15

  Takes position for Defence at Valcour Island 15

  Particular Difficulties encountered by British 15

  Constitution of the British Lake Navy 16

  Land Forces of the Opponents 17

  Naval Forces of the Two at the Battle of Valcour Island 17

  Magnitude of the Stake at Issue 18

  Arnold’s Purposes and Plans 18

  Advance of the British 19

  Arnold’s Disposition of his Flotilla to receive Attack 20

  The Battle of Valcour Island 21

  The Americans Worsted 22

  Arnold Retreats by night Undetected 23

  Pursuit by the British 24

  Destruction of the American Vessels 25

  British Appreciation of the Importance of the Action, as shown

  Criticism of the conduct of the Opposing Leaders 26

  Arnold’s Merit and Gallantry 27

  End of the Naval Story of the Lakes 27

  Effect of the Campaign upon the Decisive Events of 1777 28


Naval action at Boston, Charleston, new York, and Narragansett bay—­associated land operations, to the battle of Trenton


  Necessity that Force, if resorted to, be from the first Adequate

  Application to National Policy in peace 29

  To the Monroe Doctrine 29

  Failure of the British Government of 1775 in this respect 30

  Consequences of such failure 30

  General Howe evacuates Boston and retires to Halifax.  Extent of
          his Command 30

  Dissemination of Effort by British Government 30

  Expedition against South Carolina 31

  Local Conditions about Charleston 32

  Description of Fort Moultrie 33

  Plan of British Naval Attack 33

  The Battle of Fort Moultrie 34

  Failure of the Attack.  British Losses 36

  Comment upon the Action 37

  The Expedition retires to New York 38

  The Howes, Admiral and General, arrive in New York Bay 39

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