The Major Operations of the Navies in the War of American Independence eBook

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  Macaulay quoted on the action of Frederick the Great 1

  Illustration from Conditions of the Turkish Empire 2

  Lesson from the Recent War in the Balkans, 1912-1913 2

  The War of American Independence a striking example of the
          Tendency of Wars to Spread 3

  Origin and Train of Events in that War, Traced 3

  Inference as to possible Train of Future Events in the History of
          the United States 4

  The Monroe Doctrine Simply a Formulated Precaution against the
          Tendency of Wars to Spread 4

  National Policy as to Asiatic Immigration 4

  Necessity of an Adequate Navy if these two National Policies are
          to be sustained 4

  Dependence on Navy Illustrated in the Two Great National Crises;
          in the War of Independence and in the War of Secession

  The United States not great in Population in proportion to
          Territory 5

  Nor Wealthy in Proportion to exposed Coast-Line 5

  Special Fitness of a Navy to meet these particular conditions 5

  The Pacific a great World Problem, dependent mainly on Naval Power




  Preponderant effect of Control of the Water upon the Struggle for
          American Independence 6

  Deducible then from Reason and from Experience 6

  Consequent Necessity to the Americans of a Counterpoise to British
          Navy 6

  This obtained through Burgoyne’s Surrender 6

  The Surrender of Burgoyne traceable directly to the Naval
          Campaigns on Lake Champlain, 1775, 1776 7

  The subsequent Course of the War in all Quarters of the world due
          to that decisive Campaign 7

  The Strategic Problem of Lake Champlain familiar to Americans from
          the Wars between France and Great Britain prior to 1775

  Consequent prompt Initiative by Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold

  Energetic Pursuit of first Successes by Arnold 9

  Complete Control of Lake Champlain thus secured 9

  Invasion of Canada by Montgomery, 1775 9

  Arnold marches through Maine Wilderness and joins Montgomery
          before Quebec 10

  Assault on Quebec.  Failure, and Death of Montgomery 10

  Arnold maintains Blockade of Quebec, 1776 10

  Relief of the Place by British Navy 11

  Arnold Retreats to Crown Point 12

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