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The players on the team are grouped in pairs.  Each team is given an umbrella, two raincoats, one pair of gloves and one pair of rubbers.  This equipment is placed in a pile upon the ground in front of each team.  At the signal to go the first couple on each team go to the pile of clothes; one puts on one glove, one the other; they do the same with the rubbers; each puts on a raincoat and opening the umbrella link arms and run to the distance line and back removing the rubbers, gloves, coat and closing the umbrella.  They then tag off the next couple who repeat the performance of the first.  This continues until the last couple crosses the base line ending the race.




For Primary Pupils

Aisle Hunt 3
Aviation Meet 1
Birds Fly 4
Bee 2
Bowing Race 6
Button, Button 1
Cat and Mouse 1
Change Seat Relay 5
Charlie Over the Water 5
Colors 2
Hide in Sight 2
Hide the Clock 3
I See Red 3
Music Rush 5
New Orleans 4
Poison Seat 3
Rat-a-tat Race 6
Spin Around Race 7
Tap Relay 6

For Intermediate Pupils

Compass 11
Corner Spry 9
Change Seats 14
Clapping Song 12
Flag Race 10
Frogs in Sea 9
Geography 11
History Race 13
Hunt the Rattler 8
Indian Trail 12
Initial Tag 8
Jerusalem, Jericho, Jemima 10
Last Man 14
Magic Music 8
Multiplication Race 13
Name Race 9
Number Relay 13
Poem Race 14
Relay Run Around 15
Rhymes 12
Seat Vaulting Tag 10
Spelling Words 11
Sticker 8

For Advanced and High School Pupils

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