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A small paper bag well inflated with air, and a palm leaf fan are given to the first player on each team.  The bag is placed on the base line in front of the team.  At the signal to go, the first player proceeds to blow the bag forward by means of the fan, until it has crossed the distance line.  He then picks up the bag, returns, places it on the base line in front of the next player to whom he hands the fan.  The second player repeats the performance.  The race ends when the last player blows the bag across the distance line.

Quadruped Race

The first two players on each team stand back to back behind the base line, with the first player facing the distance line.  The two lock arms behind them.  At the signal to go the first player bends forward, lifting the second player so that his feet are clear of the ground and carries him forward on his back in this position.  When he has crossed the distance line, he lowers the player upon his back, without changing their relative position and that player, upon getting his feet upon the ground, bends forward, lifting the first player upon his back, and runs back with him in this position across the base line.

When the first couple has crossed the base line, the second couple on each team proceeds with the race, copying the first.

Centipede Race

The players of each team lock their arms around the waist of the player next in front of them and race in this compact position across the distance line, turning around without breaking their formation, and end the race when the last man on the team crosses the base line.

Blind Chariot Race

Several teams can be used in this race.  The distance line is pointed out before blindfolding each team.  Each team is made up of two horses and a driver.  All three are blindfolded, facing in the same direction.  The horses’ inside arms are locked together.  The driver takes hold of the outside arms.  Each team is turned around three times and at a signal, race to the goal.

Hoop Race

A wooden hoop is placed on the distance line opposite each team.  At the signal to go the first player rushes forward and picks up the hoop and passes it down over his head, body, and legs, steps out of it, while it is lying on the ground.  He then steps back into it, and lifts it up, passing it over his entire body, legs, trunk and head.  When he has lifted it over his head, he places it on the distance line and runs back to tag off the next player, who repeats the performance of the first as do all the others in turn.

Rainy Day Race

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