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Corner Spry

The pupils in the room are divided into four equal teams.  Each team is assigned to a different corner.  A leader stands in front of each team with a bean bag, cap, or ball.  At the signal to start the leader tosses to and receives from each member of his team in turn the bean bag.  Having received the bag from the last one in his line, he takes his place at the foot of the line, and the one at the head of the line becomes leader and proceeds to toss the ball to each member as did the preceding leader.  The group, in which all have served as leaders and which successfully completes the game first, wins.

Flag Race

The pupils of each aisle constitute a team.  Flags are given to the pupils in each front seat.  On the signal to go, each pupil holding a flag steps out on the right hand side of the seat, runs around the front of his own aisle, back on the left hand side, around the rear seat, returning to his own seat up the right hand aisle, and hands the flag on to the one next behind him, who continues the race.  When all the pupils in the aisle have circled their row of seats with the flag, the last one, instead of returning to his seat, runs forward and holds the flag above his head in front of his aisle.  The one first succeeding in reaching the front, wins the race.

In this race it is often better to run two aisles at a time and thus avoid the possibility of pupils bumping into each other in their attempt to race through the aisles.  In this way the various winners can race against each other, making an interesting contest.

Seat Vaulting Tag

A pupil is selected to be “It.”  He attempts to tag any other pupil in the same aisle in which he stands.  The pupils avoid being tagged by vaulting over the seats.  No one is allowed to run around either end.  “It” cannot reach across the desk in his effort to tag another.  He must be in the same aisle or tag as one is vaulting a seat.  A pupil becomes “It” as soon as tagged.

Jerusalem, Jericho, Jemima

This is a simple game of attention.  The three words in the title are near enough alike to require close attention on the part of the pupil to distinguish between them and to act accordingly.  Have the pupils turn in their seats facing the aisle.  If the teacher says “Jerusalem”, the pupils stand.  If she says, “Jericho”, they raise their arms momentarily forward and upward.  If she says, “Jemima”, they sit down.  Any child making a mistake sits in her seat and faces to the front.


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