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Hog Tie

Two players of equal strength are each given a piece of quarter-inch rope or a strap.  Each endeavors to tie together the other’s ankles.

Cumberland Wrestling

Players face each other and take a waist hold, arms around opponent’s waist, and stand close up.  At the signal to “go” each player tries to lift his opponent off his feet.  No throwing is allowed.  Three tries are permitted.

Greco-Roman Wrestling

Opponents face each other and may take any legitimate wrestling hold in their effort to secure a fall from the other.  Should any part of the body other than the feet touch the ground, it constitutes a fall.

Shoulder and Arm Push

Opponents face each other with a line marked upon the ground between them and place their right hand on the other’s left shoulder and their left hand on the opponent’s upper right arm.  In this position they endeavor to push the opponent back from the centre line, so as to get on the opponent’s side of the line.

A modification of the preceding may be made by allowing the use of but one hand—­the right placed against the opponent’s chest, with the left held behind the back.

Squatting Tug

Opposing players sit upon the ground facing each other, with the soles of their feet flat against each other’s.  They then bend forward without bending the knees any more than necessary and grasp the opponent’s hand.  In this position they endeavor to lift the opponent from the sitting position on the ground.

Neck Tug of War

Opponents interlace their fingers behind each other’s necks and endeavor in this position to pull the other across a center line.

Hand Tug of War

Opponents grasp each other’s hands and each endeavors to pull the other across a center line.

Cane Wrestling

Opponents are given a stick, like a broomstick, which is grasped with both hands.  Each endeavors to break the grasp of the other upon the stick.

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Banquet Games

Oysterette Race

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