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Bombardment No. 2

This game is similar to the preceding, except that each player must secure a stick not over two feet long, which can be stuck loosely into the ground in a vertical position.  A 2x4 block of wood, about 8 inches long, with a flat end which can be balanced upon the ground, can be used in place of the stick if desired.  Each player sticks his stick up near the back end of his playing space.  They must be at least three feet distant from any boundary line and from each other.  Each player takes a position in front of his stick.  The object of the game is to knock over the opponents’ sticks.  Should a player knock over his own stick accidentally, or that of any player on his side, it counts as though it were knocked over by the opponent.  When a player’s stick is knocked over, that player is dead and takes his stick and leaves the game.  The side first succeeding in knocking over all of their opponents’ sticks wins the game.  The players are not allowed to step over the centre line.



Taking the Heights

This is a good rough and tumble game for boys.  A bank, a low platform, a pile of dirt or some elevated position is necessary.  The object of the game is for the players to strive to get upon the bank and maintain their position thereupon to the exclusion of all other players.  Hitting, kicking, or the grasping of clothing is barred.

Wrestle Tug of War

Opponents are so arranged on opposite sides of a line marked upon the ground that those of equal size and strength are facing each other.  Each player puts his right hand on the back of his opponent’s neck and his left hand on his opponent’s right elbow.  Each tries to pull the other over the mark.  At the end of the pull, the side having the most players on its side of the line wins the game.

Referee’s Hold

Opponents take the same position as in the preceding event, but instead of attempting to pull across the line, each endeavors to make the other move one or both feet.  The best two out of three are used to determine the winner.

Finger Wrestling

Opponents are arranged as in the preceding game on opposite sides of a line.  Holding their hands well above their heads, opposing players grasp each other’s hands, interlacing fingers, and each endeavors to bend the opponent’s wrist backward.  Succeeding in this, the vanquished drop out of the game.

One Leg Tug of War

Opponents are arranged as in the preceding game on opposite sides of a line.  They turn their backs towards each other and standing upon their right foot, raise their left leg to the rear and hook the foot in that of the opponent.  Each endeavors to pull his opponent across the line in this position.

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