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players or towards the opponent’s goal.  The game is now on and each player endeavors to knock the ball, by means of his club, towards and through the opponent’s goal.  Swinging the club higher than the shoulder is barred.  Should the ball be knocked outside of the playing space, it is brought back in and faced off by any two opposing players at a point well within the playing space, opposite to where it went out of bounds.

A goal counts one point and after each goal the ball is faced off in the centre.  Goals should be changed in the middle of the game, so that no team may have an advantage over the other because of location of goals.

One Step Off and All the Way Across

Two goal lines about fifteen yards apart are marked upon the playing space.  This game can be played on the road, using the opposite curb stones as goal lines.  A player is selected to be “It” and takes his place between the goal lines.  He starts the game by saying, “One step off and all the way across”.  Thereupon, all the players who may be behind either goal line, upon stepping over the goal line, must run across the space between the goal lines towards the opposite goal.  “It” endeavors to tag the players as they run between the goal lines.  Each player tagged, helps “It” in tagging the others.  After the game starts the players may run back and forth between the goal lines at will.  The game continues until all the players are tagged.  The first player tagged becomes “It” for the next game.

Wheel Away

This game is similar to the preceding game except the players must be behind the same goal line, and the one who is “It” says, “Wheel away”, which is the signal for all of the players to run across the space to the other goal.  Those tagged by “It” in their effort to do this, help him to tag the other players.  All of the players are expected to run immediately upon hearing “Wheel away”.  Otherwise “It” may cross the goal line and tag them.  The one first “It” is the one to say “Wheel away” each time, until all of the players have been caught.  The one first caught is “It” for the next game.


This is a game enjoyed by boys.  It is necessary to have half a dozen soft yarn balls or indoor baseballs or bean bags for this game.  A large number of players can participate.  A playing space is marked off on the ground with a line drawn through the centre.  The group is divided into two equal teams.  The teams take positions on opposite sides of the center line.  The balls are divided equally between the two teams.  At the signal to start the balls are thrown at such opponents as may hold one of the balls.  The players may move around in their playing space, but are not allowed to step over the centre line.  Any player can recover a ball, but so long as he holds the ball in his hands, he is the target for the fire of the opponents.  Each time a player, holding a ball, is hit by an opponent, he drops out of the game.  The team first retiring all of the opponents wins.

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