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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 130 pages of information about School, Church, and Home Games.

This is a simple tag game.  The player selected to be “It” starts the game by saying, “One, two, three, Still-a-feet, One, two, three, Still-a-feet, One, two, three, Still-a-feet, One, two, three; no more moving of the feet, feet, feet.”  While “It” is saying this, the players can endeavor to get as far away from him as they desire, but when he has completed the statement, they cannot move their feet.  Should he see one of the players moving his feet, he may chase that player until captured.  Thereupon, that player helps him chase any of the others.  A player cannot be tagged until one of the “Its” has seen a movement of his feet.  The first player caught is “It” for the next game.  “It” does not need to chase the first player whose feet he sees moving unless he so desires.  He may chase any one of the players whose feet he has seen move.

Hang Tag

This is a good game to play around a barn or in a grove where there are low limbs.  A player is selected to be “It.”  He may tag any player who is not hanging with feet clear of the ground.  The player tagged immediately becomes “It” and may tag back the one who tagged him after that individual has taken five steps.

Fox in Hole

Any number of players may participate in this game.  The playing area should not be too large.  A four foot circle is marked upon the ground as a base.  One player is selected to be the Fox.  While the fox is on the base he may stand on two feet, but when he leaves the base to catch any of the other players he must hop on one foot.  Should a player become tagged, he becomes the fox, and the other players may slap him on the back until he is safe on the base.  Should the fox put the other foot down, he must return to the base, and every player may slap him on the back until he succeeds in doing this, but no player can block his path to the base.

Fence Tag

This is a simple active game which can be played where there is a low fence or bar, over which the players may easily climb or vault.  A player is selected to be “It”.  He takes his place on the opposite side of the fence from the other players and must climb or vault over and endeavor to tag someone who fails to get over the fence in time.  “It” cannot tag anyone whose feet are off the ground, in an effort to get over the fence.  Neither can he tag anyone who is standing on the other side of the fence from him.  This is a very active game, as it keeps the players leaping back and forth over the fence in an effort to avoid being tagged.  A player tagged immediately becomes “It”.  He cannot tag back the one who tagged him, until after that one has a fair chance to get on the other side of the fence.

Body Guard

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