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Charlie over the Water

This is an old game and is always popular.  The children form a ring, joining hands.  One is selected to be “It” and takes his place in the center.  Those in the ring then dance around, singing,

    “Charlie, over the water,
    Charlie, over the sea,
    Charlie, catch a blackbird,
    But can’t catch me.”

Having completed these lines, they all assume a stooping position before “Charlie,” who is “It,” can tag them.  If he succeeds in tagging one, that one takes his place in the circle and the game continues.

Tap Relay

The pupils of each aisle constitute a team.  All bend their heads forward, placing their faces in the palms of their hands on the top of the desk.  At the signal to go, given by the teacher, the one in the last seat in each aisle sits up, claps his hands and taps the back of the one in front of him, which is the signal for the one in front to sit up, clap, and tap the one next in front of him, and so the tap is passed until it reaches the one in the front seat of the aisle, who, upon being tapped, stands up, clapping his hands above his head.  The first to stand and clap hands above head wins the race.

Rat-a-tat Race

Similar to the preceding race with the exception that upon the signal to go the one in the back seat knocks with the knuckles of his right hand on the top of the desk a “rat-tat, rat-tat-tat,” as in a drum beat, and then taps with the knuckles the back of the one next in front of him, who repeats the performance, tapping off the one in front, and so on.  The race ends when the individual in the front seat of an aisle taps the “rat-tat, rat-tat-tat” and stands up.

Bowing Race

A book is handed to the pupil in the last seat of each aisle.  At the signal to go the pupils holding the book step into the aisle at the right hand side of their desks, holding the books on the tops of their heads with both hands, and make a bow.  Then returning to their seats, hit the book on the top of the desk and pass it on to the next one in front, who repeats the performance, as does every one else in the aisle.  The one in the front seat of the aisle finishes the race by bowing with the book upon his head, then running forward, and placing the book upon the teacher’s desk.

Spin Around Race

A boy is selected from each aisle to take his place at least six feet in front of the aisle.  Upon the signal to go, the last boy in each aisle runs forward to the right of his desk and links his left arm in the right arm of the boy standing in front of his aisle, and in this position spins around twice, returning to his seat, and tagging off the boy next in front of him, who repeats the performance.  The last boy in the aisle to spin around ends the race when he has returned to a sitting position in his seat.

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