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Treasure Hunt

This game is a very adaptable one and can be run in a great number of different ways.  It can be as simple or as complex as any leader may desire.

A mysterious letter may be read to the group or a letter in code posted where the group can see it.  The contents of this letter will direct any one to a place where he will find detailed information as to the exact location of a buried treasure.  By following instructions or working out the code, a boy will discover a second letter in hiding, or a time limit may be allowed to find letter number 3.  At the end of that time the information contained in the second letter may be given to the entire group, so that all may hunt for letter number 3.  This method keeps everybody in the game.  As many letters may be hidden as desired, using the treasure as the last.  This game can be used to teach observation, trailing and tracking.  Letters using identification of trees, flowers, marks on trees, birds’ nests, etc., may be used.  Map and chart reading make the game more difficult.  Letters may be written in Morse and Continental codes, or easy codes may be made.

A good book on trees or flowers, a small ax, or any useful article may be the hidden treasure.

Hide and Seek

One boy is chosen to be “It.”  He blinds his eyes while the others hide.  He counts 100 by 5’s, then says, “Ready or not, you must be caught.”  He then endeavors to find the hidden players.  Succeeding he must tag the goal and call the name of the player observed.  Should he, in seeking a player, pass the spot where one is hidden, that player can race in to the goal and say, “In free.”  The one who is “It,” however, can tag that player or the goal.  When all the players have been discovered, the one first discovered or caught by “It” must blind his eyes for the next game.  One who succeeds in getting “In free” is not subject to being “It” in the next hide.

Look Out for the Bear

All of the players hide their eyes, except one, who is the Bear.  He hides.  When sufficient time has been given for him to find a hiding place, the others seek him.  When a player finds the bear he calls out, “Look out for the bear.”  Thereupon all of the players race back to the home base.  The bear endeavors to tag as many of the players before they can reach the home base, as he can.  All of the players tagged become bears and hide in the next round of the game, which is the same as the first.  All of the bears try to tag as many as possible before they return to the home base.  The game continues until the last seeker is caught.  He has the privilege of being the bear for the next game.


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