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Similar to the preceding.  A small block of wood or flat stone is given to Number 6 on each team.  At the signal to go he places the block on the head of Number 5 and follows Number 5, who walks around the ring.  Number 5 must keep his hands upon his hips.  Should the block of wood fall from the head of Number 5, he must stand still until it has been replaced by Number 6.  The two continue walking around the circle until they reach the point which they left.  Then Number 6 takes his place in the circle and Number 5 takes the block from his own head and places it on the head of Number 4, and follows 4 around the ring to replace the block should it fall off.  The race ends when Number 1, followed by Number 2, has completed the distance around the circle, still balancing the block of wood on his head, and presents himself to the leader in the centre.

Spin Around Race

See clock games above.

Similar to the preceding race, except that each captain takes a position about four feet outside of the circle near his own team.  At the signal to go, Number 6 steps out of his position in the circle and runs to his own captain, linking his right arm in the right arm of the captain, who spins him around twice.  He then runs around the circle and returns to his original place in the circle, and tags off 5, who repeats the performance of 6.  When 2 has completed his round of the circle, he tags off his captain.  The captain must run, without spinning around, clear around the circle on the outside, and enter through the point of the circle he originally held, and tag the leader in the middle.

Leap Frog Race

See clock games above.

Similar to the preceding.  In this race, Number 2 will take the place of the captain outside of the ring.  At the signal to go, Number 6 leaves the ring and proceeds around the circle, leaping with frog leaps over the backs of the Number 2 men from each team.  Returning to his original position, he tags off Number 5.  Number 1’s turn will come after that of Number 3, and when Number 1 has completed the circle, leaping over the backs of all Number 2 men, he tags off the Number 2 of his own team.  The latter runs about the circle once, enters the circle at the point where he originally stood and tags the leader in the centre.

Riding the Snail

A group is divided into two equal teams.  These two teams line up in parallel lines about six feet apart, back to back.  A safety line is drawn at each end of the field about twenty-five yards from where the teams line up.  One team is designated as the “head” team; the other as the “tail” team.  The leader tosses a coin.  If the coin falls with head up, he calls “heads.”  Thereupon tails run across their safety line while heads endeavor to tag them before they succeed.  Succeeding in doing this the man tagged has to carry the tagger upon his back to the original place of line-up and the coin is again flipped.  Should it fall with tail up, tails chase heads to the safety line at the other end of the playing space.

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