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Cracker Relay

Six players to a team.  The players on each team sit in a row.  Four crackers are given to each player.  The one on the rear of each team starts the race by standing up and eating the crackers.  When he has eaten all four crackers and is able to whistle, his whistle is the signal for the man next in front of him to stand up and eat his crackers, while the first man resumes his seat.  So each in turn eats four crackers.  When the last, or front man on each team is able to whistle after devouring his crackers, the race ends.

Blindfold Obstacles

Obstacles, such as vases of flowers, china ware, chairs, etc., are placed in four or more long rows.  Each contestant is given a row and is requested to try distances before being blindfolded.  They then are all blindfolded, placed at the starting point, and told to race down through the line of obstacles without touching anything.  In the meantime the objects have been removed.

Candle Roll Over

Four players are chosen for each team.  Two are lined up in front of the starting line and two opposite on the distance line.  One of the players on the starting line is given a lighted candle.  A mat is placed half way between the starting and the distance lines.  At the signal to start the player holding the candle advances to the mat, executes a forward roll on the mat, holding the candle in his hand.  Should the candle go out during the roll, he must go back to the starting line and start over after lighting the candle.  When he has succeeded in making the roll without extinguishing the candle, he proceeds to the distance line where he passes on the lighted candle to the second member of his team.  This one returns to the starting line, rolling on the mat as did his predecessor.  Should the candle in his hand become extinguished, he must go back to the line from which he started, light his candle and start over.  This continues until all four men have covered the required distance, each having rolled over without having extinguished the candle.

Boat Race

Two players constitute a team in this race.  One of the players on each team sits upon the floor.  His knees are raised so as to allow his feet to rest flat upon the floor.  The other member of the team then sits upon his teammate’s feet, facing him, and places his feet and legs in a similar position to that of his teammate, so that each may sit upon the other’s feet.  They then place their hands upon each other’s shoulders.

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