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Standing High Jump

Doughnuts are suspended by means of a string, so that one hangs about eight inches above the head of each contestant.  The one first succeeding in eating his doughnut without the use of his hands, wins the event.

Bawl Game

Competitors are lined up and directed to bawl.  The one doing this the best, in the judgment of the judges, wins.

Peanut Relay

A bowl full of peanuts is placed before each competitor.  An empty bowl is placed at some distance opposite each.  Each competitor is given a table knife.  At the signal to go, keeping his left hand behind his back, he takes one or more peanuts on the flat of his knife from the full bowl and deposits it or them in the empty bowl.  He returns for more peanuts.  He is not allowed to use his free hand in helping the peanuts on to the knife, or keeping them thereupon.  The player first succeeding in transferring the peanuts wins the event.

Shot Put

Competitors endeavor to throw a handkerchief unknotted from a given line for distance.


A number of bags are suspended in such a way as to hang four feet above the heads of the competitors.  One bag contains candy; one contains flour; another peanuts; another water, etc.  An individual is blindfolded, given a short stick and headed in the direction of the bags.  He then endeavors to strike one of the bags.  Succeeding in knocking the bag of candy, that shall be his prize; likewise the peanuts, flour, or water.

Peanut Throw

Each contestant is given an equal number of peanuts.  The one succeeding in dropping the largest number of peanuts into the mouth of a jug, wins.  The peanuts must be dropped from a distance equal to the height of the shoulders.

Head Toss

A salt bag is filled with sand.  Competitors heel a given line and place the bag of sand upon the back of their necks and without the use of the hands, endeavor to throw the bag as far back into the line as possible.

Duel Tug of War

Two opponents are given a piece of rope about three feet long.  Each takes a position on the opposite side of a line drawn upon the floor.  One tries to pull the other across the line by means of the rope.  If successful in drawing the opponent so that both feet are on his side of the line, that player wins.

Discus Throw

Contestants are given some object like a quoit, a block of wood, etc.  A small circle about eighteen inches in diameter is drawn upon the ground.  The contestant places the object to be thrown between his feet and endeavors to throw it forward from the circle as great a distance as possible.  Both feet must work together in making the throw and neither can touch the ground outside of the circle.

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