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Tricks with Matches

Six matches are given to an individual and he is requested to make with them four equilateral triangles.

The Trick—­Three matches are laid upon the table, forming an equilateral triangle.  The other three are held above the three on the table in the form of a pyramid, with the triangle on the table as a base.


Twelve matches are placed upon the table as herewith illustrated.  Then those trying to accomplish the trick are instructed to illustrate what matches are made of by moving two matches.

The Trick—­It is natural that the ones trying to solve the trick endeavor to make the word “wood” out of the combination of forms, but by taking the top match off the first square, a “v” can be made by adding it to the third figure.  By taking the right hand side off the first square, the letter “e” can be made by adding it to the last figure, spelling the word “love.”

Pigs in Pen

A farmer has six pigs and five pens.  He desires to place the pigs in the pens so that there will be an odd number of pigs in each pen.  How can he accomplish this?

The Trick—­He places a pen within a pen.  Then he places a pig in each of the other pens, and two pigs in the one which encloses the pen, and another pig in the enclosed pen.

Number Trick

How can four be made out of three 3’s?


Penny Wise

The players are provided with a bright new penny, a piece of paper and a pencil.  On the paper have been written the following requirements, each player being expected to write the answers, the one having the largest number of correct answers, winning the game: 

  Find on the penny the name of a song. 
  (Ans.  America.)

  A privilege. 
  (Ans.  Liberty.)

  A part of Indian corn. 
  (Ans.  Ear.)

  A part of a hill. 
  (Ans.  Brow.)

  Something denoting self. 
  (Ans.  I (Eye).)

  Part of a door. 
  (Ans.  Lock (of hair).)

  A weapon of war. 
  (Ans.  Arrow.)

  An act of protection. 
  (Ans.  Shield.)

  A gallant. 
  (Ans.  Beau (Bow).)

  A punishment. 
  (Ans.  Stripes.)

  Part of a plant. 
  (Ans.  Leaf.)

  A piece of jewelry. 
  (Ans.  Ring.)

  A nut. 
  (Ans.  Acorn.)

  A musical term. 
  (Ans.  Bar.)

  An occupation. 
  (Ans.  Milling.)

  A foreign fruit. 
  (Ans.  Date.)

  Trimming for a hat. 
  (Ans.  Feather.)

  What ships sail on. 
  (Ans.  Sea.)

  A perfume. 
  (Ans.  Scent (cent).)

  A religious edifice. 
  (Ans.  Temple.)

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