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All the players sit in a circle.  Each is given the name of a bird.  The keeper takes a position in the centre of the room and begins to tell a story about birds.  When a bird’s name is mentioned, that bird must stand up and turn around once in front of his chair.  Failing to do this, he must pay a forfeit.  When the keeper utters the word “migrate” in his story, all of the birds must change seats and he tries to get one of the seats.  Succeeding, the one left without a seat, continues the bird story.  Otherwise the first keeper continues his story.

Simple Simon’s Silly Smile

The group is arranged in chairs around the room.  The one who is selected to be “It” goes from one to another asking questions.  All questions must be answered by “Simple Simon’s Silly Smile”, without laughing.  Should the one questioned laugh, he must take the place of the one who is “It”.


Chairs are arranged around the room in a circle, with the boys standing behind each chair.  There should be one more chair than there are girls in the group.  The boy standing behind the empty chair winks at one of the girls who endeavors to get to the vacant chair before the boy in whose chair she is sitting can tag her.  If she succeeds, the boy behind the chair last vacated continues the game by winking at another girl.


The group sits in a circle in a room which is semi-dark.  The leader goes around inside of the circle and slips a button in the hands of one of the players.  He does this after making an offer to do it to several others, so as to disguise where he finally deposits the button.  All then have a turn to guess in whose hands the button lies.  The one who guesses right becomes the leader, and the leader becomes a ghost.  The game then continues as before.  The ghost asks questions of any of the players, and they are not supposed to answer any question asked them except by the leader.  Should they do so, they also become ghosts.  As the ghosts multiply the game becomes more difficult.  The game continues until but two are left of the circle.

Jack’s Alive

The group sits in a circle in the room.  A lighted splinter is handed to one of the group in the circle.  It is then passed around the circle, still lighted.  Should the flame become extinguished, the one in whose hand the splinter rests at that time must pay a forfeit.  The forfeit sometimes demanded is that a mustache be made on the upper lip of that individual with the charred end of the splinter.

In passing the splinter the player must say Jack’s Alive; failing to do this the splinter is returned to him and should it become extinguished before he can say this, it counts against him.

Going to Jerusalem

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