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Shifting Seats

The group is seated in a circle.  There is one more chair than there are players.  One individual is selected to be “It” and takes his place in the centre of the room.  “It” gives the command to shift right.  Thereupon, the one at the left of the vacant chair moves into the vacant chair, leaving his own chair vacant.  The one at the left of his chair, moves into that, each one trying to get into the vacant chair to the right before “It” can succeed in touching him.  “It” can give the command “Shift left” at any time, which means that they must move into the vacant chair to the left.  Should “It” succeed in sitting in an empty chair, the one who should have occupied that chair becomes “It”.

Guess the Sound

The group is arranged in a circle.  The one selected to be “It” is blindfolded and takes a position in the centre of the circle.  After the blindfolded player has been spun around a few times so that he does not know his location, he is given a wand or short stick.  He holds this stick out in front of one member of the group.  That member must grasp the end of the stick.  Then “It” names some animal which the player on the other end of the stick must imitate by some sound.  Thereupon, the blindfolded player tries to guess who has hold of the other end of the stick.  Succeeding, the player guessed is blindfolded.

Rapid Transit

The players form in a circle.  To each is given some article to be passed.  These articles should vary in size anywhere from a peanut to a flat iron.  The game starts by the leader commanding them to pass to the right.  He then passes his article on to his right hand neighbor and receives in turn from his left hand neighbor the article coming to him.  The passing continues until the leader gives the command “Change”.  Then the articles are passed in the opposite direction.  Should a player drop one of the articles to be passed or should any one of the players have in his possession more than two articles at one time, that individual drops out of the game, taking one article with him.  The game continues until but one is left in the circle.  The passing can be complicated, if so desired, by having one or two of the articles passed in the opposite direction.

Feather Tag

The group sits in a circle in the centre of the room, holding a large sheet stretched tightly between them.  A fluffy feather is placed in the centre of the sheet.  One of the group who is “It” endeavors by running about, to catch the feather.  Those sitting around the edge of the sheet keep the feather from “It” by blowing it beyond “It’s” reach.  Should “It” capture the feather, the one sitting at the edge of the sheet nearest to the feather becomes “It”.


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