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In this game all of the pupils except one are sent from the room.  The one left in the room hides a coin, or some similar object, somewhere in plain sight.  It must be visible without having to move any object.  When hidden, the rest of the pupils are called back and start the search.  When a pupil finds the coin, after attempting to mislead the others by continuing his search in different quarters, he returns to his seat without disclosing its whereabouts.  As it is found by others, the group of seekers will gradually diminish until there is but one left.  When he finds it, the coin is again hidden by the one first finding it.


A certain color is determined upon.  Each pupil in turn must name some object which is of that color.  Failing to do this he goes to the foot of the line, provided some one beyond him can think of any object of that color.  If no more objects can be thought of, a new color is selected.

I See Red

One pupil is given the privilege of thinking of some object in the room, of which he discloses the color to the rest of the pupils.  For example, if he sees a red apple he says, “I see red.”  Thereupon the other pupils endeaver to guess what red object in the room is thought of.  The one succeeding, next selects the object to be guessed.

Hide the Clock

This is a good quiet game for the schoolroom.  A loud ticking clock is necessary for the game.  All of the pupils are sent from the room.  One of their number is selected to hide the clock.  The others, upon coming back, try to locate it by its ticking.  The one succeeding has the privilege of next hiding the clock.

Poison Seat

The children all endeavor to shift seats at the clapping of the hands of the teacher.  Have one less seat than pupils, so that one may be left without a seat.  This can be arranged by placing a book on one seat and calling this “Poison Seat.”  The child sitting on this seat is “poisoned” and out of the game.  Add a book to a seat after each change, so as to eliminate one player each time.  The one left after all have been eliminated, wins the game.  Should the teacher clap her hands twice in succession, that is the signal for all of the pupils to return to their own seats.

Aisle Hunt

Some object—­a coin will do—­is selected to be hidden.  The children of one of the aisles leave the room, the others determine upon a hiding place and hide the coin in plain sight.  Those out of the room are called back and look for the hidden object.  As soon as it is found, the first one finding it goes to his seat and calls, “First.”  He is not to call until he is actually in his seat.  The second one to find it returns to his seat and

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